Is it Spring Yet?

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As the crisp air is turning to cold, I can’t help but wish this winter would hustle along.  Although I enjoy a touch of snow as much as the next North Carolina girl, nothing beats walking barefoot in the grass in the sunshine and sleeping with your windows open at night.

Winter brings various challenges to the homestead.  Houidini is has not had quite enough marshmallows to adequately plump up for the freezing temperatures.  I have put extra blankets and hay in his house which he loves to bury himself in.  The goats don’t seem to mind the cold at all, they have plenty of warm fuzzy fur to keep them insulated.  The girls haven’t minded the change in weather.  They are still happily clucking around our yard ever presently doing their well mastered scratching dance.  We do put out a heat lamp for them at night while they are roosting to prevent frostbite on their waddles. Lord knows we don’t need any frostbitten waddles around here.  At least the cold temperatures help keep our cackleberries (term for eggs coined by Dairy Farmer Grandpa Conner) fresh in the nesting boxes until we are home to gather them.

The rare moments of bright sunshine after our days of rain and then mini-snow storm have sufficiently sparked my spring fever.  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the multitude of seeds that I will help transform into many delicious meals several months from now.  I am taking a veggie growing class which has been really fun and informative.  My thoughts are filled with all of the homesteading plans I have for the warmer months.  I am planning on attempting a new homesteading project each week, from making cheese (I am going to a class on this in a few weeks, super excited!) to utilizing rain barrels for watering the crops.

I have started to work evenings which will soon progress into night shift over the next month.  Although this delivers new scheduling challenges with the hubby, the extra money and more time to work on the homestead are worth it.

The next few days will be filled with emergency nursing responsibilities, but I have a fun weekend planned with a few of my favorite kiddos while the hubby is away hog hunting.

Until next time…

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