An unusual group of explorers

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Despite the chill in the air this morning, our homestead was alive with the sounds of grunts, squawks and children laughing.  Two of my most favorite kiddos spent the night with me and it was such a refreshing change of pace.  There is nothing like spending time in the innocence that is childhood.  In this ever fleeting phase of life, the endless joy, imagination and self-indulgence of the childhood world is all consuming.

In a mere twelve hours, our activities included dancing until we were breathless, a high heel fashion show, cooking and baking yummy, sugary goodies and exploring the amazing woods as world renown explorers.   What an honor and blessing to be lost in this world for a short time.  Through all the bills, sleepless nights and back breaking twelve hour shifts of adulthood, it is easy to forget the simple beauty and pleasures all around me.

As we explored the depths of the woods around the homestead, I thoroughly soaked in the bright sunshine beaming down through the winter entrenched trees.  My heart was full of love and laughter for the two little ones running, jumping and laughing ahead of me.

Throughout our travels, we had four unexpected guests who accompanied us as additional explorers.  As we crashed through the ice and brush, the goats steadily followed suite.  If we jumped across the creek bank, they jumped right behind us.  If we crossed the creek using a fallen log as a bridge, the goats did the same.  If the kiddos called for them, the goats would come running.  It was quite a sight to see.  The boys thoroughly enjoyed the unfamiliar, frozen territory.  I am beyond blessed for days like these.

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