Spring Crop Plans

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With the arrival of my Spring seeds and mini greenhouse, I am busy sketching away which crops will be planted where.  I am taking a vegetable farming class that has been really informative.  We have a raised container bed where the majority of our crops will be grown.  I am also going to try some crops in containers this season.

In our raised bed I am planting corn and tomatoes at the west end, so they do not shade the other crops, and beans, broccoli, peppers, watermelon and cucumbers at the east end.  The container garden will be planted with square foot gardening theory.  It is the first year I have done this, so I am interested to see if it is a better way.  I am going to be putting trellis for the watermelon and cucumber to climb, to maximize ground space in the container garden.

In hanging baskets on the front porch, I am planting cherry tomatoes, lettuce and strawberries.  We also have three blueberry bushes from last year that I am hoping will produce well this year.  One of the blueberry bushes is a Pink Lemonade bush which produces pink blueberries.  This year will be the first year it produces, so I am anxious to try its fruit!  We have one plum tree that is still very young, so I don’t think it will be very productive this year.

On the back deck in containers we will have jalapenos, potatoes and sweet potatoes.  I have not grown potatoes before so I am learning as much as I can now.

To supplement our meat needs I have joined a local farming co-op.  It is all NC farmers who practice healthy farming techniques.  Once our harvest gets rolling, we will hopefully only need to purchase meat for our meals.  We aren’t in a position yet where we can supply our own meat, but one day we will!

Mostly due to my incredible lack of patience, I bought a mini green house to start my crops indoors the first week in February.  When starting crops indoors, you want to start 6-8 weeks before the last frost.  I am growing everything from seeds except the potato plants which will arrive in March.


I have also been on a hunt for a good garlic seed.  Pretty much all of the gardening websites I use are sold out, so it looks like I am going to just pick some up some soft-neck garlic from the grocery store.  The recommended time for garlic planting is late spring to early fall.  I watched a video on braiding your own garlic.  With this method, after you harvest your garlic, you can braid the tails and hang it in your kitchen for use over the next few months.  I am definitely interested in doing this, not only does it look neat hanging in your kitchen, but I would love to eventually use the majority of my own home grown spices for cooking.

The sun is shining brightly this morning and it is already 60 degrees.  I am headed out right now to soak in some sunshine.  I will be working in the ER over the next few nights, but have a fun weekend ahead.  My family is celebrating the birthday of a very special little girl this weekend.  I am also going with my husband and Daddy to a local farm show.  I can’t wait to see what else I can learn.

Until next time…

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  1. I started onion seeds about a week ago. We buy some plants as well, but I have to start our storage onions myself due to the lack of options out there for live plants. I have about 10,000 seeds to start this spring season, I don’t know whether to be excited or scared haha.

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