Times are changing…

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It has been a long two days in the ER, not particularly bad days but just long ones.  As I was running down the tunnel and into the 50 mph wind and rain to respond to an unresponsive patient in the parking lot, I came to an interesting conclusion.  Although I still feel the thrill when working on a critical patient or a massive trauma, over the last few years I have definitely settled into my role as a nurse.  ER nursing remains a passion of mine, but I am noticing the shift in my thoughts and goals towards farming.

I am very blessed to work in the field I work in, I get to hear, see, smell and touch things most people never even dream about (or would want to for the matter).  I love being in the middle of a stressful, life on the line situation and know what to do.  I take pride in the fact that when a patient is crashing and the family member is cloaked in fear, I can say to them with confidence, we are doing everything we can to save your loved one.  Despite the long hours, grueling work loads and occasional abuse from the patients,  I am honored to have a career that I can feel proud of.  There is never a day I do not walk out of the ER doors grateful for mine and my family’s health and safety.

I worked very hard to become a nurse.  With the continual support of my parents, I made it through nursing school and went straight into the field of nursing I wanted the most.  I then somehow managed to balance all of life’s responsibilities and a new career with going back to school for my bachelors.  With God’s grace, I graduated with my bachelors and told myself that was it for school.  I had been going to school continually from high school through six years of college, so I figured it was time for a break.  

However, now that my hubby and I are working towards our dream and goal of the larger farm, school had began to sneak into my radar again.  I have been google-ing farming programs and classes.  While this may seem a little silly to be looking for classes that teach farming techniques, I would love to absorb all the information and experience from fellow classmates and instructors.  It would also be a connection to invaluable resources.  

After discussing the issue with the hubs, we are going to think on it awhile.  It would be a full time program for two years, which is a large time and financial commitment.  Since I will soon be working straight baylor nights (weekend nights) at the hospital, my weeks will be more open for farming related duties and responsibilities.  

Whatever the right path is for me, I will accept it with a joyful heart.  This farming adventure has been an amazing blessing and I am desperately grateful that I wake up every morning to a peaceful homestead filled with chicken squawks, pig grunts and goat screams.

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One thought on “Times are changing…

  1. Sooooooo true. Nursing is so rewarding and respectable, but farming is just so comfortable and natural. Plus, nursing will always be a viable plan B, no matter what happens in the world, nurses will always be here. Its a hard choice to make, take care of fellow humans, or take care of the animals and plants that take care of you?

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