Excited for compost

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I think that if several years ago someone walked up to me and stated, “One day, you will be over the moon when your husband builds you a compost bin” I would have directed them to the nearest psychiatric office.  Oh how time changes all things!

However, the truth is that I am thrilled about my new compost bin.  I have been wanting one for the past several months and finally found time for hubby and I to build it (mostly hubby building, me assisting as needed).  I love wood pallets, they are so versatile and the projects are endless.  Since we have acquired quite a few, I wanted to use them for our compost bin.  Hubby put them together and added a little slide up door for easy access.

photo (2)


I was also pleased at how well the pallets blend into the woods, its not super obvious that it’s there.  I am continually disgusted at the amount of trash we produce in a day.  According to the EPA, in 2010 Americans produced 250 million tons of trash.  That is a lot of trash!  Not only will the compost bin help cut down on our trash output, we will reap wonderful benefits when adding the ripe compost to our garden in a few months.

As with any new thing on our homestead, the animals were quick to investigate it.  The chickens and goats were very dismayed to learn they cannot get into it, despite numerous attempts.  However, our Silkie, Princess is just small enough to squeeze through.  Perhaps this is sweet revenge for all of the bullying she endures from the other hens.  She slips in and not only gets a feast of whatever her little hen heart desires, but she is out of reach of the sharp beaks of her flock-mates.



After the goats gave up on getting into the compost bin, they chose to ravage a tree instead.  Goat bonding at its finest.

photo (1)


We are also on the lookout for a wife for Mr. Houidini.  He seems a bit lonely and I believe all things should have a companion.  We found one potential piglet wife at a local Pig Rescue and are awaiting to see if she is available.  I am sure Houidini will be much more content with a pig pal.

Until next time…

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