Sowing Seeds with a Grateful Heart

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All is quiet on the homestead tonight.  The chickens are nestled high on their roosts for the night, the goats are tangled together in their house and the pig is buried in his hay sound asleep.  My husband is sleeping peacefully upstairs and my pups are laying underfoot.  Listening to the stillness, I am alone in my thoughts.  I have such a grateful heart these days.  I have been exponentially blessed in my journey and am fully embracing these blessings.

Today was spent wandering the miles of the fair grounds looking at endless pieces of farm equipment at the local farm show.  Although the wind was freezing, it was truly a delight to see my Daddy and husband chattering excitedly about the horse power of this New Holland tractor and the towing capabilities of that Massey Ferguson tractor.  I loved watching all the laughing little boys being hoisted onto the enormous machines by their daddies.  Again I am reminded of the many elements that draw me to farm life; tradition, simplicity, hard work and respect.

I was thrilled to enjoy a quiet night in with my husband tonight, our time has been few and far between due to our grueling work schedules.  After everyone was sleeping soundly, I decided I could not wait another day to sow my seeds.  I carefully prepared my mini greenhouse and mapped out which crops were going to grow where.  Placing the sometimes microscopic seeds into the soil, I was in awe of what a wonder this process is.  A seed that is barely visible, with proper care, will grow into something beautiful that provides sustenance and joy.  This life lesson is certainly not lost on me.


With a little bit of spring growing now to look forward to, I feel like I can brave the rest of the cold winter.  Although I know 19 degrees isn’t that cold in some parts of our country, it is way too cold for this North Carolina girl!

Until next time…

One thought on “Sowing Seeds with a Grateful Heart

  1. Wonderful post – so much wisdom and spiritual insight – the seed and the Sower! Love what you are learning and how you share – a perspective that speaks across generations….

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