Chicken bonding, growing seeds and restoration

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It has been a challenging past week in the ER nursing world, I pushed myself harder than I ever have last night both mentally and physically trying to deliver efficient and quality care.  When I awoke to the loud calls of hungry goats after 4 hours of sleep this morning, I felt a little beyond weary.  However, the sun was shining brilliantly and it was surprisingly warm and I had a much needed day off to look forward to.

As I put on my muck boots, I wandered through the homestead taking it all in.  I breathed in the fresh scent of hay, felt the cool wind whisper across my bare arms.  Peace was again settling into my weary body, restoration starting to course through my veins.

When I came down to let out the girls, who were none to happy to be cooped up longer than usual, they exploded out of the coop.  As I raised the lid of the nesting box, I was delighted to find a neat little present of fresh eggs.


Since there is a variety of nesting boxes, the girls typically lay in a few different boxes.  After a very near miss with a hawk last week, the girls have stuck together like glue.  They even drink together at the same time now, everyone but Princess of course.  She is not allowed in their flock the majority of the time, poor girl.  Good thing she is a few pecks shy of being a hen or it might hurt her feelings!

IMG_0677  IMG_0674

I spent much of the morning pounding in additional fence posts to mend the goat pen and painting a new trellis planter Hubby made me for my vine veggies.  It felt wonderful to be out of scrubs and stained with earth and splattered with paint.

I have been super impressed with how fast my crops have begun to grow using the greenhouse.  It has been such a joy to discover their new growth each day.

Day 2 after being planted:


Day 4:

IMG_0692      IMG_0690

The beans, cucumber and lettuce have just exploded with new growth.  Everything now has started to sprout, I am hoping they don’t outgrow the greenhouse before Spring arrives!

With all of my veggie containers, an additional mini-greenhouse and another round of seeds arriving soon I am definitely ready for the coming Spring.

Until next time…

One thought on “Chicken bonding, growing seeds and restoration

  1. Sweetheart,
    I have enjoyed all your posts! You are such a hard working and caring girl and I am proud of being your Daddy. Love, Daddy

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