The sacred art of dust bathing

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Before I owned chickens I would have raised an eyebrow to “dust baths.”  Those two words don’t exactly fit together logically.  However, as any chicken lover knows, there is nothing quite as entertaining as observing your girls dust bathing.  Chickens, among other fowl, practice dust baths for several reasons.  According to Wikipedia (who knows everything), “dust bath is the act of an animal grooming and rolling around in dust or sand, thereby most likely cleansing its fur or feathers or skin from parasites.”

My girls frequent this behavior in a few selected spots around the homestead.  Their most favorite bathing location is up against the house, behind the picket fence we placed around the entire house to keep them out of the flower beds.  Obviously it’s working magnificently.  As you walk out the back door and down the deck steps, you can hear contented clucks and murmurs as the girls indulge themselves.  The kicking and scratching is quite a show.


In action:

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