Vegetables and Memories

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Nothing tastes better than fresh food.  I love how the flavors overwhelm your tongue and the freshness invades your senses.  Family dinners are something I have come to cherish.  This week hubby and I had the pleasure of a family meal with my side of the family.  Our family meals have gradually evolved over the years, from quiet family conversations to the additions of husbands and giggling, bright eyed children.

Our weekly shipment arrived from our local co-op and we were delighted at all the goodies that it brought.  We had fresh strawberries, carrots, turnips, radish, collards, bok choy, chards, meat and mountain cheese.  Since my vegetable cooking skills are limited to the names of vegetables I know, hubby and I hauled our loot over to the expert, my mama.  While my daddy and hubby were completely engrossed in tractor talk and hunting for our future (bigger) farm, my mama swiftly taught me how to make some tasty dishes from the vegetables we brought.  The kitchen was filled with the loud entertainments of my youngest niece, the authoritative questioning of my oldest niece and the persistent echos of my oldest nephew in his tirade for me to play with him.

As we sat to enjoy the dinner we prepared, I fully engrossed myself in the sights and sounds of the family dinner.  Time will inevitably continue to change these dinners as the days go by, but I am ever grateful for the chaotic moments of young and not so young people chattering excitably about tractors, angry birds and public school.



One thought on “Vegetables and Memories

  1. Love this, of course!! The food was delicious, your perspective wise and refreshing, and your story telling perpetually charming. Love the pics too! 🙂

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