A ladybug arrives on the homestead


I believe all living things need a companion.  Particularly those creatures of the universe.  I have noticed that Houidini has been a bit lonely, the goats tend to shun him and Princess can only keep him but so much company as she stares blankly at him through the pen.  We decided that it was time for him to have a wife, we wanted him to be an honest pig of course.  Some other farming friends of ours, had several female piglets left and we went to seek out a girl for Hoodi.  Right away, I noticed a lovely little piglet with a unique eye, one that is half brown and half blue.  I figured it would be love at first sight for Houidini.  She was to be named Lady-Bug.



She was a bit skiddish, but sweet and calm for a pig.  She stayed quiet and solemn on the way home.  As I held her tight in my arms wrapped in a blanket, I let the piglets meet through the pen.  Hoodi was immediately enthralled, while Lady-Bug was not quite sure.  I set her down and she slowly began to explore her new territory with an eager Houidini sniffing her ferociously.  Within a few hours, they were snuggled together in their house-content, warm and complete.


Hubby and I are hoping to see piglets make their way into our homestead in the coming months, when the two piggies feel the time is right.  They have already bonded significantly and Houidini seems much more satisfied with himself.

IMG_0704  IMG_0705

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “A ladybug arrives on the homestead

  1. Well, I still think Hoodi and the Blowfish has a nice ring to it…but I like Lady-Bug too…maybe I’ll just start a band…can’t wait for baby piglets!!

  2. Sweet story – just in time for Valentine’s Day. Lady-Bug is very cute; looks like a Galloway Cow – not that I’m suggesting another resident or anything…! Now, if you can just find a friend for Princess…:-)

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