Chards in the oven, expansion in the future

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I have really enjoyed cooking with fresh veggies from the co-op.  It has given me an opportunity to try new tastes and recipes.  Right now, I have fresh grass-fed beef seasoned and simmering on the stove with fresh tomatoes.  I have chopped onions and chards roasting in the oven; I have never tasted chards, so hopefully it will turn out well.  All outdoor homestead creatures are tucked away for the night, the pups are quietly wrestling on the floor by my feet and my husband is chattering happily to his X-box.

My baby crops continue to grow wildly.  I also planted some additional crops (more lettuce, brandywine tomatoes, squash poquito and fairy eggplant) in another mini-greenhouse.  I anticipate they should be sprouting soon, if its anything like the first batch.


I had never seen fairy eggplants or squash poquito, they look like this…


(pictures courtesy of Google images)

I love planting new things that I have never tasted before.  I will be transplanting the beans into another container this week because they have already outgrown the greenhouse.  The only thing that has not sprouted yet are the mixed bell peppers, hopefully they will grow soon.  The information that came with the mini-greenhouse suggested fertilizing at the point the crops began sprouting, but they are growing so fast, I won’t have anywhere to keep them until Spring if they keep it up!

I also purchased a Raspberry Shortcake bush, which should arrive in the next few months.  It is a raspberry bush that is smaller in stature, but is supposed to grow full sized, sweet berries.

The containers I ordered (for growing veggies on the deck this year) are beginning to arrive and they are great.  I found them on for a super cheap price and they are cute and functional.

My sweet hubby also agreed to expand our raised garden, we are going to build an additional 12×6 raised bed beside our current one and fence it in with recycled pallets.  These will help keep out the deer, goats, dogs, pigs and chickens (hopefully)!  Of course I will happily share our yields with our animals.  However, I shared fresh collard greens with the newlywed piggies today, but they were none too interested.  We obviously are feeding them well if they can afford to be picky!

Until next time…

One thought on “Chards in the oven, expansion in the future

  1. LOVE these glimpses into your life Ludi! So what did you think about the chard? I enjoyed your veggies so much the other night that I roasted the rest of the Daikon radish, andbought some other veggies to go with and had them for supper last night and tonight! Not as much fun though – without my Ludi!! Hope you’ve had a great weekend. Love you!

    Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2013 00:22:47 +0000 To:

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