Homemade cheese and outgrown pots

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Yesterday I took a local cheese making class.  I have attempted making cheese in the past and it turned out decently, but wanted to improve my skills.  With this added skill under my homesteading belt, I am hoping that once the crops come into harvest in the coming months, we will just need to purchase meat for our family’s food needs.

I learned an enormous amount about cheese making, everything from Mesophilic bacteria to how to inoculate blue cheese with a knitting needle.  We made a fresh farmer’s cheese and a feta cheese during the class.  I am definitely looking forward to trying a few more recipes on my own.  I also learned that the leftover whey can be used for a variety of things including, making rice, beans and feeding it to the pigs.  I love utilizing all parts of a product so that there is little to no waste involved.  On a medical note, it is so interesting the connection between natural occurring molds and bacteria and the life saving discovery of antibiotics.

The local paper was there and it covered the class, I made the front page of my local paper today… Cheese Making Class Article

I also transplanted my beans to a larger pot, I have noticed the growth has slowed down a bit on the other plants, maybe the beans were hogging the nutrients.  I did fertilize the original mini-greenhouse today.  The sun has been hiding away for the last few days, so I will be glad when the clouds move along.  I am not sure where I will be putting all these pots that will be in the house once the crops outgrow the greenhouse.


I am working quite a bit this week, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  In just a few more weeks I will be moving to a night baylor (weekend) position so I will have the entire week available for homestead care, family and friends.  My mind is full of all the homesteading projects I can do with consecutive days off.

Until next time…

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