Escaping ladybugs, new goat jungle gym and repairs


Today was a much enjoyed day off.  After getting off work early this morning, I briskly slept a few hours and then spent a fun, silly few hours with my youngest niece.  The morning was spent full of questions, giggles and imagination.

When I arrived back on the homestead, I knew that this was my only day until next week to get any projects finished outside.  The next week is full of work, date nights with friends and cooking for family.  The sun was brilliant on the homestead, warm and embracing.

I almost finished painting the trellis garden planter, but ran out of wood stain with just 1/4 of the trellis left to paint.  Looks like it will be awhile before that project gets completed.

I let the goats and pigs out of their pen to free range for awhile.  After about the tenth thing the goats crashed into and knocked over, I decided to put them back in their pen so I could actually get something done instead of just cleaning up behind the mischevious goats.  After a little while, I noticed Ms. Lady-Bug wandering around on the outside of her pen.  I assume she slipped out underneath the gate.

I utilized the chicken coop as my sawhorse and cut a large plank of wood from our scrap pile to fit the length of the gate.  I then screwed this wood piece on the outside of the gate so there is no gap between the gate and the ground.  This will serve well once piglets arrive.  Lady-Bug has put on quite a few pounds in the past week, I am hoping she wasn’t pregnant when we got her since she is so young.  Maybe it is just all the delicious leftovers she is enjoying.


After I completed fixing the gate and got everyone back inside, I cleaned up the pen a bit.  The goats are incessantly knocking over their hay bin in their daily escapades, so I attached it to the house so they can’t knock it over.  Within minutes, the hundred pounds of goat (give or take) were bouncing around on top of the hay bin, but luckily the screws held.



I also built a little raised platform to help keep the goats entertained (and when I say built, I mean I placed a long piece of wood between two chairs and screwed it all together).  Within seconds of them seeing it, they were all on top of it.  It also doubles as a nice bench where I relaxed for a few minutes, enjoying the quiet activity of the animals.


After cleaning up around the pen and putting everything away, the air began to feel chilled and wet.  I took this as my cue to head inside and work on dinner.  As I was walking up towards the house I happened to catch this picture, my goats have no manners (click on the pic for a bigger image)!


Just a few of the rest of the critters…




I placed my mini-greenhouses by the sunniest windows today and they drank in the sunshine.  The lettuce is the only thing that has sprouted in the second greenhouse.  Still no sign of the peppers germination.

I am grateful for my hubby coming home tonight and a peaceful supper with just the two of us.  He has begun to gather pallets for our larger raised garden and found some today at work.  Hopefully in the coming weeks we will be able to work on this project together.

Until next time…


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