Surprise snow


As I opened my eyes this morning, I definitely didn’t anticipate the homestead to be covered in snow.  As I stirred my husband next to me, we were both surprised at how much snow lay on the ground and how big the snowflakes hurling towards the ground were.


My plan before seeing the blanket of snow on the ground was to cook and clean in anticipation of a lovely homemade dinner for my parents and in-laws, however it looks like Mother Nature had other plans.  Despite my frustration at the preparation now done in vain, I tried to make peace with the lesson at hand.  As much as we humans try and control every aspect of our lives in this busy society, nature trumps humanity time and time again.  I find this very humbling.

After I got my grumbles out of my system, my husband and I explored the snow covered homestead.  Many hungry clucks, grunts and goat screams awaited us when we walked outside.  As you know, I am not a fan of the winter season.  I can find the beauty of one good snowfall a year (luckily I live in a state where this is mostly the norm in the winter) and after that I am not that thrilled.  However, lucky for the world, I do not control the weather.  As we made our rounds feeding our hungry animals, they seemed to hardly notice the change in climate.  The chickens were happily wandering around in the snow, although they are sticking mostly to the covered areas.  I threw done some extra bread for them since bugs are few and far between in the current season.

IMG_0746 IMG_0740

Princess has the hardest time in wet conditions, since she has fluffy feathers and not waterproof feathers like the rest of the girls.  She ends up getting drenched with wet weather.  In the picture below, you get a good view of her pretty bright blue ears and her funny spiky hair-do.



Despite the snow on the ground, my crops are growing away.  All of them have made an appearance now, the peppers being the last to emerge.  I bought a few small pots to put the crops that are almost touching the top of the greenhouse in until the long awaited Spring arrives.



In the second green-house the brandy wine tomatoes, squash and lettuce are also making their presence known.



The green beans are growing like crazy, I will have to put some support poles in the small pots pretty soon!



I am coming to then end of my vegetable crop class and I learned so much useful information.  In March, I am taking a sustainable agriculture class at a local community college, I am looking forward to learning even more about agriculture related topics.

Some of the cheese supplies I ordered have arrived, so it won’t be too long before hubby and I have fresh made cheese to enjoy.

Until next time…

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