Let it Grow

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My hubby had to do a paper for school and it involved the children’s book and movie “The Lorax.”  If you haven’t read this Dr. Seuss book, I highly recommend it.  The movie was also really entertaining.  It gives a great perspective on how the way society is moving, the appreciate for the earth has steadily gone by the wayside.  Old trees with stories to tell are demolished for parking lots and grocery stores.

This book/movie highlights what happened when society disregarded nature in exchange for technology and wealth.  It ends up becoming a world with no clean air, real trees or animals.  A little boy takes interest in what trees used to be and meets the man who was responsible for the decline of the appreciation of nature.  In the end, the town realizes the error of their ways and makes a decision to change how things have been.  Below is a clip from the movie…

Let it Grow, Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

This message makes my Homesteader heart happy.  I get such a sense of wondrous fulfillment each time I see the bright green life emerge from the dark, wet earth.  It feels like a completion of a circle of life every time I harvest a rich, bright vegetable from its plant and nourish my family with it.  I feel such a true sense that this is the life I was called to lead and can’t imagine it any other way.

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One thought on “Let it Grow

  1. Love this post – so true. Thankful for your keen appreciation of all the glorious gifts of nature that God has created for our health and pleasure.

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