Happy Sunshine

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It has been wonderful to have some quiet days here on the Homestead.  Today was a warm (for March) and breezy day and all of the animals have been in a seemingly good mood.  Everyone seems to enjoy this shift towards warmer weather.  Even the hens celebrated the day by laying their eggs in a sunshine shape.  I haven’t ever seen them lay in this fashion before.  This is what I saw when I opened the nesting box today,


Ladybug was also enjoying the sunshine today.  I am beginning to have suspicions that she may be pregnant, I know pigs don’t typically show towards the end of their gestation, but her little belly is mighty round. She cracks me up how she lays with her legs splayed out behind her.


Houidini is as silly as ever.


And the goats are eating. Imagine that.


My hubby built another 12×6 raised bed garden for me and once we have a nice day off together, we can work on getting it set up and filled with dirt.  The original bed has been plowed and just needs to be plowed with compost next.  I saw some juicy earthworms in there today doing their part in getting the soil fertile.  I decided to do companion gardening this year, so I will be adding a few extra plants to the beds.  My hubby also built me an awesome planter for my vine plants.  I will be growing watermelon and cucumber vines in opposite sides.  They will (hopefully) grow vertically,  interweaving with the trellis.

IMG_0831 IMG_0833

Not finished just yet, but almost.  I am also going to plant a Nasturtium or two to help deter pest insects.

I have also begun to harden the seedlings.  I set them in the sunshine outside today for a bit, but the wind was so strong it was knocking them over so I brought them back inside.


I also have moved the lettuce and cherry tomatoes to their permanent homes.  I will be growing them in hanging planters on the porch.  So far, the seedlings have survived the move.


The lettuce pictured above has seedlings planted around the sides and I planted seeds all around in the top.  I am hoping it will mature into a big lettuce ball.

I am still waiting on my fig tree, viking potatoes, sweet potatoes and berry bush to arrive.

The countdown continues: 12 more days until Spring!

Until next time…

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