Sleepy Pigs


Today I tried hard to sleep in since I will be working the next few nights.  It has been nice with the addition of the chunnel because we no longer have to let the chickens out in the morning and lock them up at night.  Although they aren’t thrilled about their free ranging days being limited now, they are adjusting.

The lack of goats around here has also been a nice change.  Mornings are so much quieter.  Since the goats have been gone, the pigs have been sleeping very late.  They typically don’t get out of bed until 11:00 am or until I go out and feed them.  After they eat, they go right back to bed.  I am wondering if Lady-Bug is getting close to delivery and just resting up.


Most of the research I have come across says that separating the male and female is a necessity when the female is in labor.  We will hopefully catch her before she labors and put her in a separate pen of some sort.  They are so bonded, I don’t think they will be too pleased, but it’s for their own good.  I am keeping my fingers crossed it won’t be next weekend when we are out of town.

The chicks are double the size they were last week.  It is quite extraordinary how fast they grow.  Their fuzzy feathers are quickly being replaced by pullet feathers.  The transformation on their wings is nearly complete.



Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Sleepy Pigs

  1. this property looks like ours…with the pine trees
    and leaves…we are trying to buy 1.9 acre lot and I was thinking about putting the fencing around the trees as I see you did…does it work well?

    • We used the galvanized steel cattle fencing for our pen. We decided to utilize the trees to help with the cost of putting up a fence, and why not use them-they are already there! So far, it has worked well. We used a stapler gun to staple the fencing to the trees. I was worried that this would put the trees at risk for disease, but so far (it has been a year) we haven’t encountered this. Also, in the long term as the trees grow, the fencing will gradually move away from the ground, so it would not be a good long term option. Hope that helps!

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