A family of three

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Yesterday the homestead was covered in a dull, frigid rainy haze.  The pig pen began to gather huge mud puddles and most everyone stayed in their houses to avoid the cold rain.

The chicks have nearly outgrown their original brooder box, so we will soon have to move them to a deeper one.  This flock of girls has been particularly skittish despite our attempts at getting them used to people.

The peppers are doing very well since transplanting to the larger container.  The jalapenos and tomatoes are still a bit in transplant shock, but I am hoping the much welcome sun that is out today helps revive them.

Houidini and Lady-Bug are doing well, still no obvious signs of impending birth.  Solstice has continued to strengthen her bond with them.  When I awoke this afternoon, this is what I saw (click on pictures to make it larger):



Houdini, Lady-Bug and Solstice were all cuddled in the same house.  Solstice was roosted on top of Lad-Bug while Lady-Bug was sleeping.  It was quite the sight.  The temperatures tonight are only slightly below freezing, so I am considering leaving Solstice outside tonight since I know the pigs will keep her warm.


No shortage of inter-species love around here!

Until next time…

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