Fig trees and escaping chickens

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Today has turned out to be quite beautiful here on the homestead-gives me hope Spring really is coming!  I am working tonight, but then I am off for 8 whole days-woohoo!  My hubby and I are taking a quick trip to Ohio for a wedding, so it will be a nice change of scenery.  Some areas have snow on the ground right now!  I am lucky to have people who can take care of things for us here on the homestead while we are gone.

My Italian honey fig tree arrived yesterday in a huge box.  My mouth is already watering thinking of the sweet fruit it will produce.  I planted it in a container for now and it is sunning on the back deck.


My lettuce seedlings in the hanging planters are doing well, they really thrive on the few days of sunshine we have had lately.


My cherry tomato seedlings I transplanted are struggling, but I planted several additional seeds in the hanging planter as well, and those have sprouted today.


My beans in their little pots are continuing to grow, I just can’t believe they have enough root space to produce, but apparently they are making do!


I am pleased with the crops so far.  I am definitely looking forward to moving them permanently outside.  We still need to complete the west raised bed garden.  I will make sure to include pics and instructions soon.  So far, our raised beds have been deer & rabbit proof!  I am dreaming of the day when all the crops are in the raised beds where they belong!

Two of the hens escaped the chunnel today.  After multiple attempts of me racing around the yard in my pajama pants and muck boots after them, I gave up.  I have patched the space in the chunnel where the girls had dug a hole under (apparently they had a hidden spoon somewhere in their feathers) the wires.  I am just going to leave the two escapees out and put them away whenever they find somewhere to roost.  Crazy chickens!

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