Gourmet grass balls and Pink Lemonade Bushes

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Today was one of the first days the promise of Spring has finally become a tangible reality.  It was a gloriously sunny and warm day, with temperatures in the 70’s here on the homestead.  With warm weather, brings many things to do.  Lucky for me, I love doing all of the chores that come along with Spring!

Slowly, the winterized crops have begun to turn around and warm to the idea of Spring.  Our blueberry bushes have begun to sprout leaves and blossoms already.  I am hoping for a steady harvest of blueberries this year.  We also have a pink lemonade bush (pink blueberry bush) that should produce for the first time this year.


We also got around to planting a plum tree that we have had for a year now, it surprisingly has lived happily in its store bought container for the past year and has begun to sprout bright green leaves.  We threw the dirt and grass from the hole into the pig pen and they loved it.  Here is Houidini munching on his gourmet grass-mud ball:

IMG_0999   IMG_1001

I threw some to Lady-Bug, who was in heaven sniffing and snorting around in the grass.  She spent much of the day sleeping-which further supports my theory of her farrowing this week!

IMG_1004  IMG_1006

We have an enormous amount of wild birds here on the homestead, they flock to the front yard by the hundreds.  We have Robins, Blue-Jays, Woodpeckers, Finches and Doves-just to name a few!  Someone apparently thought my decorative candle holders on the front porch would make an excellent nesting spot:


Tomorrow, my hubby and I will finally finish up the west garden and I have a few more homesteading projects this week to work on once he goes back to work.  I plan on making fresh peach tea (thank you forestmtnhike for the recipe!) fresh homemade bread, and from scratch garlic butter.  Lots of fun projects to come!

Until next time…

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