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After a fun trip up North, I was more than delighted to see those ‘Welcome to North Carolina’ signs on the highway.  I was anxious to see how everything, and everyone, was fairing since we had been gone (we had a few folks feeding, watering and checking on things of course).

I was incredible surprised to see how “pumey” (pronounced “poo-mee”–the term coined by my nephew for chubby) Laby-Bug had gotten.  There is no doubt she has some little ones in that belly.


I am guessing she will farrow this week-which would be awesome because I will be around all this week.  We quarantined her to the farrowing pen today, which has gone much smoother than I anticipated.  I headed out to the pig pen a few times tonight and both her and Houidini were sleeping soundly in their separate houses.  Keep your fingers crossed for piglets this week!

When we left a few days ago, we left three chicks in the brooder box, when we came home, this is what we found:


A bit of a motley looking crew at the moment, but they will be beautiful as they age.  I moved them to a larger brooder box and will begin to turn the heat lamp off for periods of time to wean them off of it.  After they have a few more feathers and the weather isn’t freezing at night, they will move to the mini-chicken coop outside.

Thanks to my wonderful mama, all my crops survived the trip away.  Check out these beans!

IMG_0998  IMG_0997

This week will be a bit of a catch up from the days away, it looks like the weather will be a bit milder which is wonderful news!

Until next time…

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