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On a different note than usual, I have decided to go back to a gluten free diet.  Actually, my body decided this for me.  There has been a ton of gluten free movements in the last year or so which is fabulous for those who need to be gluten free.  Grocery stores have been including gluten free foods on a more regular basis and clearly marking them as such.

The downside to gluten free is that it is inconvenient and expensive.  A few months ago when I decided to start a gluten free diet for the first time due to years of tummy troubles (no fun!) and it was challenging.  However, I felt better than I had in years and actually lost 10 pounds without exercising.  Eventually, I slipped back into the wild world of gluten full food and began to feel terrible once again.

I have several books that have been helpful on this subject, including a few by the Gluten Free Girl.  I love her attitude about being gluten free, but most of her recipes were a little fancy for my taste.  I also bought “Gluten Free on a Shoestring” which provided more low cost recipes.

Just in the few months since I have been gluten free, there are much more accessible resources.  I decided to take a look around the IPhone App Store and found a wonderful app that is super useful at the grocery store for shopping gluten free.  It is called “ShopWell” and was $7.99.  You can set the app to what you want to avoid (I chose gluten-but you can choose anything from preservatives to high fat and everything in between).  When you are grocery shopping you simply scan the barcode of the item (which still amazes me phones can do this) in question and it pulls up a score on if it is good for your goal of avoiding whatever you chose.  It also gives you nutritional info and an ingredient list.  It was so helpful-and fun to use!

I also found a website with supposed $5 gluten free meals which provides inexpensive gluten free meal plans, including shopping lists.  Here is the link:

Hope these resources help those also on gluten free diets-it can be challenging, but totally worth it!


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