Breakfast and Compost


Today was a productive day here on the homestead.  With each passing warm day, I am getting more excited for what Spring will bring.

Houidini was gracious enough to share his breakfast with Solstice and Princess today.


One of the many benefits of owning pigs is the fact they are wonderful trash cans.  We have a ridiculous amount of waste (food, trash, etc.) and we have been working on how to cut down on this.  Any food that is not as fresh as we prefer either gets composted (as long as it’s not dairy or meat) or sent out to the pigs (as long as it’s not meat or rotten) for breakfast.  Since we went grocery shopping today, we had quite a bit that went out to the compost bin as we cleaned out the fridge.


The pigs got a sampler plate that looked much similar to this!

The chickens got a few tasty scraps as well.

IMG_1024    IMG_1017

I am weaning the chicks from inside to outside so they enjoyed the sunshine today while hubby and I finished the second raised garden bed.  I am ready to not have any farm animals or crops in the house!

Gunner was oh so helpful today as we worked.


We used 12×6 boards for the base and used posts screwed into them as support for the green plastic fencing.  We had this fencing laying around from last year so we used it again.  We simply stapled the fencing to the posts.  We left one panel unstapled and used white screw in hooks so the panel can just loop onto the hooks for a working gate.  It worked perfectly for keeping out deer and rabbits.


I am so pleased at how the raised beds turned out.  I can’t wait to get my crops out there!

I am planning on moving everything outside this coming Monday.  The lows for the next few nights are in the 30’s, but then it looks like 50’s from there on out.

Tomorrow holds a full day of homesteading, love this life!

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Breakfast and Compost

    • There is; on the inside of the beds instead of stapling the fencing to the post, we put those screw in white hooks. We used three for the top, middle and bottom. This way the gate panel just hooks right on and is secure enough that no animal can get into it. Over time, it will get looser, but the benefit of this material you can just cut it and use the next row to loop on your hooks. Hope this helps : )

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