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Yesterday brought unexpected winter weather here on the homestead.  We saw a combination of rain, sleet and snow.  Apparently Mother Nature decided she wanted to throw one more winter rampage our way.  This morning, the sun is shining and the winter weather has subsided.  The homestead is one huge, lovely mud puddle.

This week, I spent much of my time preparing the homestead for the next few days.  I will be working the next few nights and won’t have much time to take care of things around the house-besides the necessities.  I have done countless loads of laundry, cleaned and cooked meals for my dinners at work.  Now that I am back to gluten free, it definitely takes some extra prep time.  After two days of being off gluten, my belly has improved significantly.  It is such a blessing to not walk around with constant belly upset and discomfort.  I am also already lost two pounds.  Yay for gluten free me!

Despite my up all night work schedule today, my body was wide awake at 8 am.  I am hoping I can catch a nap before my shift tonight.

The hens have been doing well, but are continuing their decrease in egg production strike.  They are quite upset I do not let them free range as much as they prefer.  The girls continue to share the nesting boxes, despite the fact there are four to choose from.


The chicks are continuing to grow quickly and I can’t wait to move them outside.  They have learned to roost, so as soon as the temperatures are consistently above freezing (I can’t believe I am saying this when it is April) they will move to the mini-coop.


Since we bought these chicks straight run (they were not sexed) it will be a surprise who ends up being a hen and thus remaining at our homestead.  My guess so far is the only rooster is the gray chick.  He is much more aggressive and stays awake and watches over the other two.  Time will tell!

The crops are on the verge of being moved outside as well, they are taking over the kitchen table and are long past due to be moved to larger pots.  I think Tuesday will be the day everything is moved outside, the lows forecasted are in the upper 40’s from here on out.


Lady-Bug still has no signs of labor, I am have been feeding her a little extra to make sure she is content.  She really enjoyed the whey from my homemade cheese the other day.  Whey has all kinds of nutritious content, so I figured the piglets would benefit from it.  If she goes into labor over the next week or two, she will be mostly on her own.  Hubby and I are both working and have another up North trip coming up.  I hope she has good mothering instincts.

With Lady-Bug isolated, Houidini-being the ladies man that he is-is now graciously sharing his house with two hens.  Houidini, Princess and Solstice all snuggle up together at night now.  I love how my animals co-exist, such important lessons to be learned from them.

Until next time…

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I will also be in Hobby Farms Magazine May issue as the winner of the “Picture Perfect Poultry” contest.  Super excited to have won!

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