DIY Ladybug Feeders Homestead Redhead Style


I have always had a special connection to ladybugs.  Over the years, if I was feeling lost or confused, I always seemed to be blessed with a ladybug in my path.  I would randomly find them in my truck in the middle of winter, or see them on my window in a particularly tough season of my life.  Besides my personal connection with these cute insects, they are also super helpful in the garden.  I know most people around here have large amounts of ladybug invasions that happen inside their home.  I wanted to build something outside to help attract these spotted insects to the garden and ensure they stay outside.  The original idea was from pinterest, but with my niece’s help, we made it our own.



Twine: We used bailing twine from our hay bales since we have plenty around

Drill with drill bit

Bamboo: We used the next to largest size available at Lowes (around $6.00 for a piece of bamboo-several feeders can be made from one piece)

Hand Saw


Permanent markers for decoration

  1. Cut the bamboo into desired lengths.  Most of the instructions I found online state to cut the bamboo into ten inch lengths.  I used the natural joints in the piece of bamboo to determine where I cut.  This is where the hand saw comes into place-this was a little tough so if you are doing this with kids make sure you do this part so no fingers are lost! Cut an angle so the ladybugs can land easier inside.
  2. Near the ends of the cut piece of bamboo (on the top) drill a hole on each end large enough for your twine to go through.
  3. Thread the ends of the twine through the two holes and tie in a knot so the twine is secure inside the bamboo.
  4. Decorate-this is where kids can help the most!
  5. Hang in desired location-we chose in a few trees near the garden
  6. Place raisins inside and wait for ladybugs to arrive

Overall this project took very little time and was inexpensive.  It was easy and super fun.  I hope the ladybugs will like it!


12 thoughts on “DIY Ladybug Feeders Homestead Redhead Style

  1. I love this idea! I have been wanting to get some macro photographs of ladybugs for quite some time but wanted to have a lot of them in the picture. However, I had no idea how to attract them and I usually only see one or two at a time. I am absolutely going to make some of these so I can get enough for the picture i want and also, who doesn’t love having ladybugs around?

  2. I purchased the bamboo from the internet. However, things came up and it was some time before I got back to the project. Low and behold, my bamboo had started splitting…major splits 1/4″ across. The bamboo had been left outside on our deck. I wonder if PVC could also be used?

    • I would think so, as long as the ladybugs would check it out. They are more attracted to the bamboo since it is natural. I would decorate the PVC pipe to make it appear more natural and place plenty of delicious lady bug treats inside.

    • I actually purchased live ladybugs and then released them in my garden. I would say I had fair luck with them. The company said to make sure you offer lots of water as lady bugs are very thirsty after a long trip (so they said) and they would be more likely to stay around. Also, to release them at dusk so they would go to sleep in your garden which makes them more apt to stay there. I’ve heard good reviews from the bamboo-but if you don’t have any ladybugs there currently, you might want to release some first.

  3. shd we add few raisins in there? How often we shd add those raisins ? do they will eat aphids if we provide raisins in they feeder everyday? thx

    • I would bet if your garden is full of aphids, you wouldn’t need to add many raisins in there since they will have a large food supply. You might want to add a few just to see if that helps attract them, but always keeping a supply of raisins, will probably also attract ants. Good luck-keep me posted!

      • Thx for your reply. Im hanging one now in my garden. Truly say, i never see even one ladybug in my garden. Hope this bamboo will attract them before ant. Thx for sharing . wish me luck

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