Quiet time.


With all the Spring happenings on the homestead, the dogs have taken a backseat to everything else.  I have been trying hard to include them so they won’t feel left out.  This week, I have been trying to make a new habit of going on an afternoon walk before my shift begins.  The dogs have loved getting away from the homestead for a bit and the extra attention.  They are so much better behaved afterwards.  I have also enjoyed a little bit of peace and quiet time to myself on our walks.  Here is one of the pretty views I was blessed with today.


As I made my way through the animals this morning, after getting home from work, it was a bit of a hectic and frustrating morning.  I was grateful that my hubby was home to assist with everything today.  Teamwork makes everything easier!

The weather is so far cooperating for my Mega Tuesday Spring Planting day.  Highs in the 70’s and 80’s over the next few days with lows in the 50’s-now that’s more like it!  The raised beds have been composted, raked, sprinkled with epsom salt and decorated (yep, I said decorated), all they need now are their crops!


Solstice is growing more and more into a hen, she even goes up to bat against Princess now in their battles for alpha hen for their mighty flock of two.


Princess has taken well to her permanent move to the pigpen and has begun to lay a few eggs a week now.  They are significantly smaller than everyone else’s and are pretty darn cute.  I am planning on using them for a craft so I can preserve them.  Princess’ eggs are the middle three.


The gray chick is becoming increasingly more dominant, my suspicions are still raised that he is a rooster.  I named him Rocky.  He is always on the highest roost above the other two.

IMG_1074   IMG_1073

One night shift down and four more to go.  Thankful for the sunshine to carry me through this week.

Until next time…

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Next month, I will be featured in two magazines.  Carolina Country magazine is featuring an article authored by me-make sure to pick up May’s issue so you don’t miss it!
I will also be in Hobby Farms Magazine May issue as the winner of the “Picture Perfect Poultry” contest.  Super excited to have won!

6 thoughts on “Quiet time.

  1. Hi, thanks for asking. I’m glad you tried the iced tea.:) Yeah, I have a tea problem for I love drinking lots of it… especially herbal and black teas.Things have been well…I’ve just been having some busy weeks and can’t wait for this semester to end. I’m ready for a break. Some days got quite intense there with school work, and life and all. Your post Quiet Time was just what I needed to remind me to unwind. So went out for a walk and spent some time enjoying the weather yesterday thanks to you.:)

  2. What a pretty view on your walk. I try to walk every day – it gives me time to reflect and work out problems or sometimes to come up with brilliant ideas and plans (though by the time I get home they sometimes don’t seem quite so brilliant!).

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