A Day of Blessings


Today was a day of many blessings and reflection.  Last night’s shift was tolerable in the ER, with no major disasters and the sun was shining brightly as I headed to the homestead.  Pulling in I heard the loud crunch of gravel, the hopeful songs of the birds, and saw the deepening green of the surrounding woods.

As I checked on everyone outside, I soaked in the peace and new life that Spring is bringing here on the homestead.

I let the chickens out to free range today, which guarantees them to be in a good mood.  They devoured the fresh grass and influx of bugs the warm weather has already brought.

The chicks took notice of Lucy today and she took notice of them.


I cleaned out the refrigerator in preparation for our mini-trip and everyone enjoyed the extra treats.

IMG_1130  IMG_1107

I wonder if the manufacturers know how much pigs enjoy their product?


IMG_1139   IMG_1101

With hubby at the station today, I headed over to my parents house to visit with them, my sister and her four merry kiddos.

I never take for granted that I can get in my truck and drive to my parents whenever I want.  I know how incredibly blessed I am to have this option.

My parent’s house today was bustling with the giggles, whines and excited conversations of little ones.  We decided to enjoy the weather and take a walk down the road.  I love the simple delights of little ones; throwing rocks into the water, pretending to be a pony; such sacred innocence.

One of the classic joys of childhood is blowing bubbles.  Even as an adult, I think they are fun to watch.  We decided to make giant bubbles, and make giant bubbles we did!

IMG_1152   IMG_1151  IMG_1145

My beautiful niece caught one as it popped and covered me with sparkly bubble soap.


After we were bubbled out, my Mama, sister and the kiddos all piled to our local market for a fresh dinner.  We sat outside and chatted easily about the goings-on of life.  Although it was nice to have just the girls and one Angry Bird loving gentleman, we missed my Daddy, my hubby and the kiddos Daddy who were all busy working hard.

Days like these are ones I tuck deep inside my mind where they will never be lost.  I keep them here so I will always have these memories with me, to bring out when life is not as it is now.  My parents are here with me, my hubby and I are young and full of dreams, my sister and brother in law have a house full of precious little ones.  I know it may not always be so, but for now, for today, all of my loved ones are happy, healthy and safe-and I get to see them as often as I want.  There is truly no greater blessing.

Until next time…



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