Whirlwind Day on the Homestead


After a really nice visit with family in PA, it was wonderful to cross over that North Carolina border.  My hubby and I marveled at how green everything had become in just a few days away.  Pulling up to the homestead, I was anxious to see how everything (and everyone) was doing at the homestead.

The flowers have really begun to bloom and we have a gorgeous splash of purple-pink azaleas all around the house.  The crops are doing fair, some of the transplants are not surviving as well as I had hoped, and the weeds battle has already begun in the raised bed gardens.  With everything being so young, I am uncertain what are the crops and what are the weeds, so everything will have to stay for now!

The hanging planter crops-the cherry tomatoes, strawberries and lettuce-are doing the best so far.

This week, we will be making PVC pipe and net plant protectors for our blueberry bushes.

The hawks are still a hazard to our hens, but the girls are so much happier free ranging, we decided to just let them be free.  We will continue to lock them up tight at night, but for the days-especially since I am typically around-they will have the joys of wildly chasing after whatever bug their heart desires.  Another big plus of this decision is more eggs!


We added three new girls to the flock yesterday.  One beautiful Americana, one bantam cochin hen and one D-anver bantam hen.  These two are our first bantams, which are just mini-chickens-so we thought it would be neat to have.  They lay little eggs, which will probably be a big hit with the kiddos in the family.

IMG_1166  IMG_1174

The chicks have now moved out to the pig pen and they were not welcomed with open wings, here is a pic of little miss Solstice having no Southern Hospitality:



The pig pen now consists of the chicks, Solstice, Princess and the New Americana.  The bantams now reside in the mini-coop where the chicks were living.  We are up to 14 chickens now (if you’ve lost count).

The pigs are doing well.  I thought Lady-Bug was in labor last night, but again she had me fooled.  Her pregnancy is a strong reminder that nature doesn’t operate on our timing!  Houidini and Lady-Bug have been utilizing teamwork to break her out of the farrowing pen, this has happened multiple times despite our repairs.  He definitely comes by his name honestly.



After rearranging all the chickens this morning and the usual homestead duties, there was a little time to get some grocery shopping done.  I can’t wait until our crops are at harvest so this will just mean stepping outside to get groceries!  The day has already been very full and I am also working tonight.  I am going to sneak in a nap before it’s time to cook dinner and then hustle off to work.

Until next time…

Don’t forget to pick up the May edition of Hobby Farms magazine, where I am pictured for winning the Picture Perfect Poultry contest, as well as the May edition of Carolina Country where they are featuring an article I wrote about Little Bit Farm.

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