Busy, busy, busy


It sure has been busy around the homestead this week!  It seems that there are never enough hours in the day sometimes.

We added a few more girls to our flock this week.  We have been extremely blessed with an influx in egg orders, it is super exciting.


These hens have adapted super easily.  The white Americana is top hen, she has claimed the whole pallet roost for herself.  Yesterday, I spent several hours enlarging it so hopefully the other girls will learn to roost there too.  Currently they roost on top of the pallet farrowing pen, but it is exposed.  They don’t have any shelter from the wind or rain.


This is what I call good camo, the hawks will definitely not be able to see her:


Lady-Bug has been laying around much more these days.  Her belly is so swollen, I don’t think she can get much bigger.  She has got to have those babies soon.  I spent some times yesterday patching up some areas that the piglets might be able to slip through-we are officially ready!

Houidini has been his usual pushy self.  He is upset that Lady-Bug is again locked away.  I have been trying to soothe him with extra rubs.  This is what pure piggy ecstasy look like:


I spent the morning yesterday planting additional veggies in containers and the raised beds.  I planted extra corn, beans, cucumber and watermelon.  I have been brainstorming ideas to feed the chickens for a lesser cost.  One thing I am doing is growing more corn to dry myself and feed them throughout the year.  They eat a ton of cracked corn.  The new hens are quite skinny, so I am providing extra feed-which is tricky to keep away from Houidini!

The fig tree has sprouted leaves quickly since its arrival:


My garlic is doing well also:


I am finally seeing some of the seeds in the raised beds sprout, which is very exciting!

The azaleas are just gorgeous, we have them surrounding the house in different colors, and I can’t wait to see them all in bloom.  Here is what we have so far:


Have a wonderful day.  I’m off to start the feeding, cooking and cleaning all over again!

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy

  1. just retired and can,t wait to get started with my chickens. enjoy your Blog. Let me know when you get your little pigs. And how many.

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