Container Gardening and a Worry Wart Pig

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Today I had a quite enthusiastic to do list to get accomplished.  I am spending the day tomorrow at the hospital for Hazmat training so I wanted to make sure things at the homestead were in good shape.

I wanted to do something unique with the leftover egg shells I had, so I decided to make a mosaic egg shell bracelet.  I got the idea from HappyHourProjects.  It was a bit on the expensive side and took much more time than I anticipated.  I am definitely not built to sit still as long as this project requires!  It turned out ok, but I don’t think I will be doing much more of these.


After I worked on the bracelet, I took a trip into town to run some errands.  I stopped by the library (oh yes I still go to the library and love it) and headed to a garden store.  Such a dangerous place for my bank account!

I got some extra squash, zucchini, strawberries, and pimento pepper plants.  I plan on making homemade pimento cheese when they come into harvest.  I got everything planted and also planted flowers on the upper deck and by the mailbox.

I have quite a container garden on the back deck now.  Since our time at this homestead is limited, I am keeping everything portable.  Besides the two raised beds, everything else is in hanging planters or containers.


The only thing I really have left to plant are the sweet potatoes when they come.

Despite the extra time at home, I seem to be as busy as ever.  Still, it is such a blessing to be able to be home during the week and manage everything around here.  There is nothing better than hearing the clucks of my chickens, the grunts of my pigs and feeling the earth in my hands as I work under the warm sunshine.

Houidini has recovered from his Dippity Pig Syndrome now that him and his beloved are back together.  I haven’t figured out what my plan is if Lady-Bug goes into labor while they are together.

Houidini is such a Nervous Nelly when it comes to Lady-Bug.  Due to her big old belly, she got herself stuck between one of the pig houses and the fence today.  She let out this panicked squeal, and Houidini’s face showed absolute, wild terror.  He raced around to get to her and was grunting like a mad-man.  It was hilarious to watch, you could just see the worry written all over his piggy face!  I assisted Lady-Bug out of her predicament, but Houidini was still riddled with worry.

My mealworms came today!  They arrived extremely quickly, which was great.  However, about a third of them were dead when I opened the box.  There was still plenty in there, so it wasn’t a huge deal.  I set up their living space and gave them a few carrots to munch on.  I will be posting more details tomorrow.

After the planting and tending to the animals, I made dinner and cleaned up a bit around the house.  I took Gunner for a walk at a new arboretum today, which was a nice find since it is so close to home.  I learned about it in my agriculture class last night, several towns away, despite it being only a few miles from my house!

I made butter and homemade fig turnovers from scratch tonight.  Despite my energy draining fast, they both turned out well.  I am getting all kinds of gluten free goodies from the co-op tomorrow.  I am excited to try some new gluten free things!

Until next time…



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