Rainy, Muddy Homestead


We have had several days of dreary rain here on the homestead.  The pig pen is officially a mud pit, but the crops have been loving the rain.  Some of the seedlings from my second planting have sprouted.  Green beans are making their appearance!


My Viking Potatoes (purple potatoes) finally took off.  The first batch I planted ended up rotting, but these are fairing well so far.


My container corn is also coming out to meet the world.  I also have quite a bit planted in the raised beds.  I am hoping for a bumper crop of corn this year so I can dry it for the chickens and pigs.


I am finished with the majority of my planting, but I stopped by a local nursery yesterday and picked up some Cherokee Purple Tomatoes.  My mouth is watering thinking of a homegrown tomato sandwich with these beauties!

I will be gone most of the day today running homestead errands.  I have a few dozen eggs to deliver and am picking up a deep freezer I bought on Craigslist.  I will now be able to store all of the yummy produce I am growing for the cold winter months.  I have also been throwing around the idea of raising meat rabbits, but am still in the research phase.

My mealworm farm has been doing well, but we have had a few wiggly worm deaths.  They are eating much more than I anticipated and are going through several carrots every few days.

The mealworm farm is residing right next to the brooder box of Black Copper Maran chicks.  This is probably not the best placement if the chicks learned how to escape!  They are growing like weeds and will soon be introduced to the pig pen girls.

The Originals were on the prowl for food today, attack of the chickens!


Are you talking to me?!



Gunner and I found a glorious nature preserve not too far from the homestead to hike in.  We spent the morning yesterday backpacking through luscious woods with birds singing brightly.  I stopped a few times beside the creek to read the book I brought along, Walden by Henry David Thoreau.  I am not sure why I had not discovered him earlier, but his philosophies and ideals are wonderful.  Unknowingly, I have steered my life in the simple, nature loving direction he talked about all those years ago.

After a few miles, we got back to the truck and Gunner passed right out.  I think I finally wore him out!


Although we are a muddy mess, all is well here on the homestead.  The peace I find here settles my soul in ways I had never imagined were possible.

Until next time…

8 thoughts on “Rainy, Muddy Homestead

  1. Yes….a trip to nature always gives place for…. peace of the soul!!! I just love reading your adventure of the homestead….takes me back to my childhood and grandmother Burnside’s homestead, and she even had peaches, apples, plums and Pecan orchards!!!
    Most of all, enjoyed the homemade baked pies and blackberry cobbler!

  2. I live in Iowa and we just had two inches of snow today. I planted corn and onions yesterday.

  3. I just recently read a book about mini farming on a quarter acre. I am very excited to start incorporating some of these practices. My husband and I live in Fayetteville, just down the road from you, so it is nice to see someone that I can learn from.

    • Thank you for following! There is so much opportunity on even a small amount of land. Best of luck on beginning your adventure, if you have any questions or tips along the way, feel free to share!

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