The Sun Finally Makes an Appearance


I am whooped!  I took full advantage of our first sunny day in nearly two weeks.  All the crops and animals seems to bask in the warm rays today, myself included!  I made a trip to the garden center and picked up a few more tomato plants since my seeds failed to grow.  I also purchased several more decorative plants to go in the pig pen, as well as a sweet yellow pepper plant and a gypsy pepper plant for the East Raised Bed.

I thoroughly weeded out the East Raised Bed and planted the tomato and pepper plants.  I didn’t have any more plant markers so I used leftover wine corks.

I finished the planting in the pig pen and it now has a nice touch of color to the area.  I also added some pretty ribbons here and there on the trees.  The Olive Tea Tree smells intoxicating, it has become one of my favorites scents.  I am glad I spent the time to liven up the pen, it has a much nicer atmosphere now.

IMG_1494 IMG_1493
I have decided I am giving Lady-Bug until mid-June to remain in solitary confinement.  I can’t believe she has not had her piglets yet, either she has me totally fooled and she is not pregnant or this is the longest gestation ever!

The hens enjoyed the break from the rain and spent most of the day dust bathing.  Apparently the pullets wore themselves out and I caught them falling asleep in their feed!

Poor Houidini is forever having to share his meals with all the ladies.  I don’t think he minds though, he is quite the ladies’ man.

I spent the majority of the day outside; planting, cleaning, pruning, digging and enjoying the break in the rain.  I don’t think I have ever been so filthy.  I wasn’t nearly finished with my to-do’s, but I was so dirty I took a shower anyway.  After I could see my skin again, I went back at it.  After the work was completed, I had a lovely snack of freshly picked buttercrunch lettuce.  It was my first harvest of the season and it was lovely!  Very crisp and fresh.

Being able to walk outside and have my pick of fresh fruits and vegetable is truly a pleasure I hope everyone can enjoy at some point.  I dream about the day we live on the big farm and I will no longer need grocery stores!

Tomorrow begins my work week.  I will be working more night shifts in the coming months to help prepare us financially for the coming year when we get serious about buying a large farm.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and spends some time enjoying the company of the woman who brought you into this amazing adventure called life.



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