Chicken Stink Eye & Alien Larvae


The homestead is thriving despite the schizophrenic weather these days.  

The crops are growing like crazy and it is exciting to see the flowers beginning on my veggie plants.  These lovely little blossoms are the prelude to tasty, fresh vegetables on my dinner table (excuse the chicken photo-bombing in the corn picture).

IMG_1526  IMG_1524
I harvested my first radish this evening, now I just need to figure out what to do with it!

We are selling the bantam chickens tomorrow since they aren’t pulling their weight around here.  They are going to a good home with several other bantam girls.  Goodbye mini-chickens!

IMG_1543  IMG_1546

I haven’t been able to build the chicken tractor for the Black Copper Marans yet, but they were stinking up the back room so bad, they are now residing on the front porch in a dog crate.  Tonight is their first night outside, so hopefully all will go smoothly.

I have been working much more than usual at the hospital and it has been really tough to keep up with everything around here.  It is certainly a good reminder of why I went to baylor shift in the first place! 

The mealworms have developed into the next stage, larvae.  They look like weird little aliens ready to be awoken from the dead.  They lay perfectly still except when you touch them, then their tails flip wildly.  It’s a little on the creepy side.  I moved the larvae to a new drawer, so hopefully in the coming weeks beetles will emerge from those weird alien bodies.

I am building a super cute raised bed garden to grow a variety of sunflowers, I will post it as soon as it is complete.  

And to answer everyone’s question, STILL no Lady-Bug piglets.  If and when they ever arrive, I am going to throw one heck of a piglet welcoming party.  Pig plates, pig napkins, pin the tail on the pig, the whole nine yards. 

Now to leave you with this lovely expression I caught the Barred Rock giving me when I dared to do something other than feed her while I was outside.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Chicken Stink Eye & Alien Larvae

  1. I had my hip replaced 4-18-13 and have been doing well. Part of my “therapy” is walking out to my raised bed gardens just to check on everything. Friday I did a “boo-boo”. I walked around to the back to check the growth of my carrots and felt myself begin to lean. The lean quickly turned into a full-fledged fall landing me smack dab into the middle of my gorgeous bed of kale, which did nicely cushion my fall, but the fall smashed the kale flat. I was lucky enough to land on my good leg but did require assistance from my husband to get up. And then I got a tongue lashing from him, which is allowed only when I’ve had surgery and do something stupid which this did qualify for. I walked out to the garden today and the kale has bounced back nicely so I will be picking it tomorrow for a yummy meal. A terrible thing to do to something that cushioned my fall but then that’s what I planted it for after all.

  2. I do hope you enjoyed your radish! I am part of the community gardens at my church and we planted radishes early April and they are pretty much done – they were good! I like them just sliced paper thin with a dash of salt. Just as an fyi we have chickens at our church and I am part of that co-op too. So for those that can’t homestead at home there are other avenues to garden and help raise chickens – it is very rewarding and alot of fun too!

    • You have found some excellent options to bring some homesteading into your life. What a great way to connect with the community. If you have any other radish recipes, send them my way. This is my first year ever cooking or eating them!

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