Homestead Redhead and a Harley


Working in the ER gives you a unique sense of appreciation for day-to-day life and health.  I try to live my life passionately and with great purpose because I know that not even the next moment is guaranteed.  This way of thinking tends to lead me towards all kinds of wild adventures.  One of these adventures is our Harley Davidson motorcycle.

I don’t fit the stereotypical “biker chick” look (although my number of tattoos is steadily growing as the years go on), but within my homestead heart, a biker chick resides.  I love being perched on the back of our bike with my arms around my husband who is leading the way to our next destination.  On a bike, there is nothing separating you from the fresh air and diverse smells of your surroundings.  If it is cold, you feel it.  If it is raining, you definitely feel it. 

The first time I really rode a Harley was when I was first getting to know my husband.  The first time I met his parents, we took their bikes out and went for a ride to get to know each other.  As the wind was whipping its way through my wild curls and the sun gently kissing the tops of my shoulders, Gabe reached around and held my hand.  It was at that moment I knew he was as a keeper.  Any man who can manage a Harley and a redhead at the same time is definitely marriage material! 

Later down the road in our relationship, in the midst of our relentless, chaotic schedules, I knew we needed something fun and easy we could do together.  I was immediately brought back to that initial motorcycle adventure and knew I had the answer.  We purchased a Harley and I am so glad we did.  We have had so many fun adventures on it.  We’ve literally almost frozen to death, explored abandoned houses and traveled miles of a dragon tail, to name a few.  It provides us with something inexpensive to do, spur of the moment, and enables us to travel without the hefty cost of filling our trucks with gas.

Even though I love the quiet, simple days on the homestead-days filled with hungry grunts of the pigs and the charismatic, clucks of the chickens- there is something about the low rumble of our Harley that sets fire to this redhead’s heart.


Until next time…


13 thoughts on “Homestead Redhead and a Harley

  1. Way to go Red. I am no longer able to ride bikes of any type but in my younger days I rode them all….Hondas, Yamaha Enduro dirtbikes (ah, I could tell you some horror stories about that one), and our Harley. I lost count of the number of time people who just cannot seem to see a bike ran me or us off the road. My standing winter time joke when I would get so cold I couldn’t feel my nose was was that I was going to fall off just so I could be picked up by a nice, warm ambulance. I loved bikes, the faster the better…..that is until my only son purchased his first one. And his foot was made of lead, just like his Mama’s. I considered kissing the man who purchased it when he finally sold it. ha ha

  2. My husband and I ride also! I have an 07 softail deluxe, pearl black, mustache bar and a sundowners seat with a backrest! LOVE riding!! My husband has an 07 ultra! One of these data we will make it to your neck of the woods! We definatley want to go ride the tail of the dragon!!!! BTW, I got tenure at my hospital, working straight days and no holidays!!! Homestead will have to wait a awhile! I love country peace and quiet!

  3. Love riding the harley with my husband. Nothing like cleaning up after farming all day and taking to the road with the wind and the sunshine. No tattoos here, but I share your sentiments for adventure!

  4. I am also a nurse that rides! I have a 07 Softail Deluxe! it took one year on the back of my husbands bike before I got my own! We go to Sturgis every year (so far three years) and we love it! We go for the rides!! Its a great time! We all just gotta be careful!! We are always looking for great places to ride!

    • I definitely give you credit for riding your own. I am content to hang on to the back…for now! Riding is a nice way to take a break from homesteading and nursing. Nothing like fresh air and miles of open road underneath your tires!

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