Full Spring Swing


Things here on the homestead are in full Spring swing.  The 80 degree weather and constant sunshine are a welcome change from the weeks of dreary rain.  I am super happy to report that all chickens made a full recovery and are now rejoined with the rest of the flock.  Solstice and Snow White aren’t quite themselves yet, but with extra resting during the day, they are getting there.

I am so thankful the rest of the flock did not catch this virus and are happily continuing their daily regimen of scratching and pecking.  Here is a funny shot of Chippy Summer Jones (named by my niece).  The front of the area she is sticking her head in is completely open with feeders hanging inside it.  I guess there’s more than one way to eat chicken feed!

Someone has been laying giant eggs this week.  I am not sure who it is, but they are big.  Here are some of them compared to a normal sized egg.IMG_1641
Maybe I should send this photo to some of the egg factory farms.  Who needs growth hormones when you have happy chickens?

Giant eggs anyone?

The crops are growing like crazy.  I have had multiple harvests from my buttercrunch lettuce and one harvest of radishes.  With the chickens needing so much more attention over the last week, the garden has been neglected.  I spent the day yesterday trying to catch up.  After I weeded the raised beds, I fed the pulled weeds to the chickens which they devoured (a few more points toward self-sufficiency, yay!).  I also spread compost and some Epsom salt to encourage continued growth.

I planted another crop of radishes since they have such a fast turn around time.  My watermelon seedlings were failing, so I pulled them up and planted more seeds.  I am guessing that they will do better the second time around now that the sun makes an appearance more often.  My okra seeds didn’t do very well either, so I replanted those and some more corn.

My container garden on the back deck is also growing every day.  I have had several strawberries ripen already and the Raspberry Shortcake bush has some berries popping out on it.  My Viking potato plant is beginning to blossom.  My bean plants now have little baby beans beginning to grow.

My squash plant is taking over the broccoli plants, so I might end up losing a few of them.  The squash plant had big, beautiful squash blossoms on it this morning.  I need to start getting some recipes together so when everything comes into harvest I will be ready!

IMG_1626  IMG_1636
My pumpkin plants are doing much better than I expected, they are beginning to take over their end of the raised bed.

My “Bloom Box” sunflowers have sprouted!  I have never grown sunflowers before so I am looking forward to the life-sized flowers.

With things being a bit on the stressful side personally speaking this month, I have spent more one on one time with Houidini lately.  I have enjoyed quiet afternoons just sitting with him outside and rubbing his belly.  It has been a much needed break from everything and a safe space to get my thoughts together.  He has enjoyed the extra attention, if you can’t tell.


I know everyone has been wondering about Lady-Bug and her never ending pregnancy.  If you missed the latest picture on FB, here she is in all her swollen glory.

The piglets’ arrival has got to be soon! I don’t think she can get much bigger.  I have been watching for any leaking milk and nesting behavior, but she has not shown signs of either so far.  Of course I am working all weekend, so I will be anxious to get home in the mornings to see if I have some adorable new additions to the homestead.  I may try to housebreak one and keep it in the house as a pet, if I can convince the hubby to agree that is!

All is well on the homestead and I grateful for the consistency and peace my homestead brings to my life.

Until next time…



8 thoughts on “Full Spring Swing

  1. so have you tried asparagus yet, I have been looking for seeds and I only found 1 place to buy the plant. Plant didn’t look like no asparagus to me so I came home, researched and found that what the garden center showed me is indeed what a young asparagus looks like. Haven’t made it back up there yet but will look into it. Research shows that it takes 2 years to get the first harvest of a few spears. Still would like to try it, what about you?

    • It’s always good to double check what someone is telling you. I haven’t ever tried to grow asparagus, although I love to eat it, since we won’t be at this homestead for very much longer. I didn’t want to start it and not get to enjoy the harvest when we move. I would love to hear how your asparagus adventure goes, keep me posted!

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