Veggies & Doritos

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So far this week has brought soon to be yummy veggies, blossoms and no piglets.

It doesn’t seem that long ago I was planting my initial seeds in the mini greenhouse with freezing temperatures outside.  Looking around the homestead this week, the crops have really begun to develop.

The corn is several feet tall already.

IMG_1728  IMG_1770
My pumpkin plants are completely taking over my East Bed.  They overtook the garlic and are almost overtaking the peppers in just the past few days I have been at work.  I tried to rearrange the vines and placed some vertical support so they will hopefully climb up those and stop growing so fast horizontally.  I have learned the lesson that pumpkin plants need to be in their own raised bed.

My beans are flourishing and have pretty little blossoms all over them.  It may be a bumper crop for beans this year.

My zucchini and squash are covered in orange blossoms, some of them have begun their transformation into veggies.


My various pepper plants have blossomed and are starting to transform as well.

In just a few days the hydrangeas have really started to pop.  They are such a gorgeous shade of blue.

My sunflowers are growing very well.  I am pleased with their progress and look forward to watching them grow.

The chickens are alive and clucking.  We are in the process of adding fresh fill dirt to the pen which has helped to cut down on the mud and holes.  Everyone seems to be enjoying some fresh, new material to peck at.

Poor Lady-Bug has STILL not farrowed.  She is large and in charge, but doesn’t seem to be bothered in the least.  She walks with her legs spread out because her belly is so swollen she can no longer walk normally.

She continues to eat, drink and act like herself.  I have been spending extra time with her in her pen to help increase her comfort level with me.  I want her to trust us so we have no problems handling the piglets, if they ever come that is.  I remain very hopeful that she will farrow this week, if by this time next week she hasn’t, we may look into having a vet come out to check her.  I hope we don’t have to go this route because of how expensive house calls are!

I have been taking extra care to satisfy her pregnant piggie cravings.  Doritos were on the menu this evening.

Of course Houidini and the girls had to get in on the action as well.

IMG_1750  IMG_1736

On Friday we are having some work done around the homestead.  Thanks to my incredibly generous and amazing parents, we are having electricity run out to the shed and down to the chicken coop.  It will be so nice to have access to light and heat lamps when necessary.

Tomorrow brings a long overdue day trip on the Harley with my hubby and will end with dinner and a movie.  I am so looking forward to having a day off away from work.

I hope this week brings you lots of fresh eggs, fragrant blossoms and laughter.

Until next time…


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