Fun & Frights


Yesterday hubby and I took to the Harley for a much needed day trip.  Hubby planned our route so I got to relax and enjoy the scenery.


Getting up close views of all the farmland is one of my favorite parts about riding.  We passed so many beautiful farms, sometimes the crops went as far as you could see.




We stopped for lunch in a little town who had an adorable downtown street.  We found a 50’s style diner and enjoyed a not so healthy meal.  As I opened the door to the bathroom, I almost cardiac arrested right there on the floor.  This is what greeted me when I opened the door…


Just to give you an idea of how large Ms. Betty Boop was…


After I recovered from the unexpected adrenaline rush, we got back on the bike and continued north.  Our end destination was a plantation Gabe had found online for us to visit.  However, when we arrived it wasn’t exactly as we expected.

As we pulled our bike into the deserted parking lot, there was an air of abandonment all around us.  The huge metal gates to the stone walled plantation stood open, but no one was there to greet us.  As we slowly made our way inside, images of the show Walking Dead began to surface in my mind.

IMG_1792 IMG_1791  IMG_1789

Never being one to say no to an adventure, we continued our journey into the abandoned plantation.  Doors were cracked open, signs hung halfway off; it was a beautiful plantation but was also a bit on the creepy side.


As Gabe and I made our way up the stone stairs, the air was perfectly still.  We silently crept up to a door that stood wide open.  We exchanged looks and suddenly out of the silence we heard a huge chorus of cattle screaming.  Which oddly enough sounded just like a huge door creaking open!  We decided to hurriedly go back down the stairs and back into the open ground.  We continued our exploring and found a dilapidated greenhouse.

The plantation was extremely unique and it is such a shame it now stands in ruins.  With some research we found that the family who purchased it was driven to bankruptcy in their attempts to restore it to its original glory.  We talked about what we would do to fix up the place if we ever had a few million dollars to spare!

As we continued our journey we entered another town with a functioning tobacco factory.  The sweet, but invasive scent overwhelmed my senses as we cruised around the town.

It never ceases to amaze me how many abandoned houses we pass while riding.  It gives me such a sad sense when I see what used to be someone’s home being taken back by the surrounding earth.  It leaves me so curious to know the story those decaying walls hold.

We passed an abandoned gas station and saw this gas price on the pumps…

It sure has been awhile since we have seen those prices!

As the air began to cool, we turned back towards home.  We stopped at a lake not too far from us we hadn’t known about.  It will make an excellent new fishing spot.

The day was filled with laughter and adventure.  Days like this I try and remember every detail so I can hold them in my memories for years to come.

I hope your day was filled with the same.

Until next time…


10 thoughts on “Fun & Frights

  1. We enjoy our Bike trips too. We can,t get out as much as we would like. But we made our jobs.House Garden,chickens Cat and the Dog. So we enjoy ever time we go.

  2. I see abandoned farms all the time and I just want to stay and start fixing them up. Anything to keep it from falling down more. If only I was wealthy…

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