More Rain


I am sure you will never guess what the weather is on the homestead today.  Yes, rain, rain and more rain.  This is now day two of continued rain.  If I would have had any inclination to the amount of rain this season would bring, I believe I would have planted a rice field!

More rain means no electricity to the shed and coop being installed today.  Hopefully we can reschedule soon.

More rain means too much mud and brings my fear that the chickens will again fall ill.  My husband is at the lake for the weekend and we weren’t able to finish putting the fill dirt into the pen.

Rain is in the forecast until Wednesday, with one day of sun and then more rain until Saturday.  It looks like it will be a very wet camping trip, yuck!

Thanks to two very generous donations, I now have the cribs for my Crib to Chicken Tractor Project.  It looks like it will be two weeks before I will have time work on it.  The chicks are close to outgrowing their mini-coop so I am glad I at least have the materials needed.


This morning coming home from work around 4 am there was an opossum lumbering across my driveway.  I hurriedly ran down to check on everyone, but they were all untouched.  Thank goodness, possums are viscous!

The next few days brings an exhausting work schedule and plenty of work to do around here.  I am looking forward to camping next week as a much needed getaway.

I hope the rain is not ruining anyone’s weekend plans!


2 thoughts on “More Rain

  1. our mutt of a dog we named Termite has killed 3 opossums in the past couple of years that have gained access to the chicken run by climbing the fence. She is pretty fierce protecting the girls. Maybe I can get rid of the rooster?

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