Back to the Homestead


We arrived home to the homestead this afternoon in the 92 degree sunshine.  It was such a nice, relaxing camping trip.  With as crazy as our firefighting, ER nursing, pig raising, chicken feeding, crop growing lives are, it is nice to have some uninterrupted time for just us.



We enjoyed lots of great food over an open campfire.  One of the perks of being married to a fireman is he is an excellent fire builder.


IMG_1891   IMG_1889

And one of the best foods of all time for camping of course…

The campground was on the back end of a farm and stretched over 50 acres.  Since we went during the week, it was blissfully quiet.  We luckily avoided the rain, although yesterday there were storms all around us.  We tried our hand at fishing there, but besides one little fish I caught, it was pretty uneventful.

There were definitely plenty of bugs to keep us entertained.  We used every bug repellent we could get our hands on (candles, sprays, fans) but still managed to all but get eaten alive.  There was an enthusiastic chorus of cicadas all around us.  These are such interesting little bugs.  Their songs can actually reach 120 dB (which is loud for a bug!).

There was a friendly butterfly that stayed near our campsite for most of the weekend.

Our tube trip down the river was such a relaxing adventure.  The campground owner drove us miles away and dropped us off on one end.  We were told we would be picked up “before the next bridge” and then we were on our own.  As we made our way to the very muddy, very cold river we hopped up into our individual tubes.

We coasted along with a few run-ins with the surrounding low lying trees, but overall it was a relaxing ride.  A butterfly who looked exactly like the one from our campsite (although we were miles away) hitched a ride on my foot for a portion of the trip.

As we saw the bridge on the horizon, the current began to pick up.  I grabbed onto a low lying branch in an attempt to swing us over to the concrete area we were supposed to get out at.  Gabe and I got separated and I continued to hang on to the branch as he floated downriver.  Once I was pretty close to the bank I let go and aimed for the concrete pad.  As I looked down on my naked abdomen, I saw a spider the size of my fist.  I screamed and hoisted myself up on the tube in an attempt to get it off of me.  Instead, it landed in the seat of the tube so I desperately tried to stay propped up on the side of the tube, balancing to stay away from the spider, but careful not to tip in the frigid water.  Eventually Gabe made his way to me and scooped the nasty creature out of my tube.  This farm girl does not do spiders!

It was nice to have a break, but it’s also always nice to come back to the homestead.


8 thoughts on “Back to the Homestead

  1. It looks like you had a great time. It’s been so long since I’ve been camping. The last time we went our daughter was 5 years old and music was still on cassette tapes. I remember she loved Cyndi Lauper’s “girls just wanna have fun”. She had Lauper’s tape and also a tape of the Chipmunks singing it. Of course she like the Chipmunks version better. She played that song over and over again dancing in her bare feet in the dirt.

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