Night Shift Super Powers


Although the majority of my adventures I share with you focus on my homestead, there are many, many stories I wish I could share that take place in my ER nursing world.  Stories that would make you nauseated, like the time bad choices resulted into exorcist style vomiting that sprayed a quarter of the staff from a ridiculous amount of feet away; stories that would make you be a little more appreciative of the nurses in your life, like the time a patient kicked me in the face right before my wedding.  However, due to the sensitive nature of my work and my respect for patients and their privacy (and the law), I refrain from sharing most of these stories.

  • What I would like to share with you are some of the super powers I have gained while working as a night shift nurse in a super busy emergency room.Working night shift give you the super power of sleeping no matter what time the clock tells you it is…or where you are…or who you are with…or what you are doing
  • Working night shift gives you the super power of calendar day amnesia-I typically have no idea what day of the week it is unless I look it up or ask.
  • Working night shift gives you the super power of power naps sustainability-It’s hard to sleep during the day with the phone ringing, the mailman delivering, the chickens clucking and the dogs barking.  I typically end up taking a series of power naps instead of getting a consecutive few hours of sleep.
  • Working night shift gives you the super power of an iron stomach-eating cheeseburgers, candy and chips at 5 am aren’t bad snack choices, it’s breakfast.
  • Working night shift gives you the super power of auto-pilot-you remember leaving the hospital and next thing you know you are sleepily pulling into your driveway with no recollection of the turns made to get there.
  • Working night shift gives you the super power of confusion-why hasn’t that person called me back yet, why is that store closed?  Meanwhile the clock reads 2:47 am.
  • Working night shift gives you the super power of critical thinking-even if it is 4:15 am and you have not slept in more hours than you can count, when it is needed, those critical thinking skills elbow their way past the haze of sleep deprivation and you (and your team) save someone’s life.

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10 thoughts on “Night Shift Super Powers

  1. Brilliant and creative post – and, as all of us who have been there and done that understand, absolutely TRUE!

  2. I’ve been there and done that after 3rd shift. Driving home and not remembering the drive. Wondering if I stopped at all red lights and stop signs. It’s scary. Now I’m worried it will start happening during the daytime, now that I’m retired.

    Most military members know exactly what it’s like to function at a high level and be sleep deprived.

  3. I too worked the night shift for 20 years and I gave me a great respect for life. And I tried to may the best of my off time. And Have Great Hours With my family. Now retired and have trouble going to bed after dark. I the Sun was hard on my eyes forl a long time. But am Loving Life . And My Six Wonderful Girls(Hens).

  4. An organic approach for your cabbage worms on the broc. is b . t . bacillis thurengensis
    (spelling ? ) . Good luck!

  5. LOL on the calender day amnesia. I work 2 weeks of days then 2 weeks of nights, and when on nights, I am constantly asking “What day is it?” And people give you this look that says “What planet are you from?”

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