Feels Like Summertime


It is definitely feeling like summertime now on the homestead.  The frequent rain has slowed down some, and the 80-90 degree sunshine has helped dry up some of the wet muck.

One lesson that we learned here on our little homestead is that it works better for us to have all animals in their own pens, not pigs with chickens etc.  Pigs love the muck and enjoy rooting holes in the ground which when it rains gallons every day creates all kinds of puddles for bacteria to breed and infect the chickens.  Although we have a divider down the two pens now, the chickens can still cross back and forth.  Their side of the pen is dry and a lovely chicken wonderland, but for some reason they still spend quite a bit of time on Houidini’s side.  We definitely will do this differently when we get to the big farm (which is now on the less than a year countdown!).

I am considering growing some creeping thyme in the chicken pen, from what I have read it can withstand heavy traffic and grows rapidly.  I haven’t found anything that says its toxic for chickens, does anyone have any experience with growing this in your chicken pen?

The crops are fairing well, although my broccoli plants are getting eaten alive despite my attempts to save them.  Anyone have any tips? The culprit are little green worms.  A few of them are starting to form broccoli heads despite this daily attack.


I harvested one gypsy pepper (sweet pepper) which was lovely, however I didn’t get to taste it.


With me working so much, before I know it the harvested food is past it’s prime and turns into chicken treats.  I am definitely looking forward to not working as much in the coming month.

The container garden on the back deck is doing well, the fig tree has really started to grow in the last few weeks.


The sunflowers are also stretching their arms towards the sun more and more every day.


My great little trellis garden Gabe made me is working well.  The cucumber is starting to climb with some training from me.


My mini-mealworm farm are now all beetles, so I am waiting for their life cycle to again turn over so I can harvest them and prepare some yummy treats for the girls.


The Black Copper Maran chicks are in desperate need of a coop upgrade.  I have the cribs I need to begin their tractor (I am repurposing a crib to use as a chicken tractor), just not the time to do it.  Next week will hopefully present some time to move these ever growing girls to their new mobile home.  I believe they are all pullets, which is unbelievable since I purchased them straight run (not sexed).  As those with chickens know, you are inevitably going to get at least half of your straight run chicks turning into roosters when you want hens.  Maybe I should go purchase a lottery ticket with these odds?

I hope all is healthy and growing well on your homestead.

Until next time…


Don’t forget in the coming weeks I will be revealing our super special newest addition to the homestead, stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Feels Like Summertime

  1. Laura, we got 6 French maran chicks straight run, and ended up with one rooster and 5 hens, which was exactly what we wanted! Maybe it’s a lucky breed… Or maybe we are lucky ladies 🙂

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