Pumpkin Plant Takeover

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Whew.  What a past few days it has been.  I have been working quite a few extra shifts and the homestead has been a bit neglected, besides the daily chores.

I have gotten some time to harvest a few beans, squash and strawberries.  All of which have been delicious!  My pumpkin plant is out of control.  I am trying to train it to at least go around the fencing, but I don’t think it really cares what I would like it to do!


Some of my corn has started to yellow and not look so well, all this rain has really put a hard hit on crop production this year.  My tomatoes continue to increase in height, but unfortunately no signs of juicy produce.  I need to look at the schedules for the local farmer’s markets so I can at least support local food since my own harvest will be less than hoped for.

The chickens are doing well and enjoying the treats I have been spoiling them with.  No signs of any sick chickens, which is quite a relief.  We haven’t gotten any more huge eggs in a while from the Golden Comet hen, but I imagine her little body needs some recoop time!

I had put one of her 4 ounce eggs in vinegar (as this will dissolve the shell and leave a rubbery membrane) so I could show you what a double yoked egg looked like not cracked.  However, as I was cleaning off the vinegar ever so delicately with a paper towel, the whole thing popped in my hand and showered me, my kitchen floor and a few pairs of shoes with what seemed like a gallon of egg guts.  I guess I won’t be able to show you any pictures of what it looked like, since I completely destroyed the huge egg, but take my word for it, it was really cool!

The Black Chocolate Maran girls are settling into their Crib Coop just fine.  It has been fun to move them around the homestead and provide them with plenty of fresh edibles and bugs while fertilizing the grass at the same time.

Today is my first real day off in a week or so and I am looking forward to catching up on all my homesteading duties.  I read an article about natural fly remedies and I am excited to try them out.  With all of the rain, I have quite an unintentional fly farm down in the pig pen.

I was also asked to do several more articles in Carolina Country magazine over the next few months and I am super honored for this opportunity.  This has been such an amazing journey-I definitely never thought my adventures would be featured in a magazine!

Only 6 more days until I get to share our new addition with you, I can’t wait!

Until next time…


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