Ice Cream Sundaes as Big as My Head

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The homestead has been undergoing some serious heat and summer storms.  It has been nice to not have to water everything since the afternoon rain takes care of that chore for me!

The next few days I am working at the hospital, so not much homesteading will be done.  I am grateful that hubby is around these few days to take care of the necessities so I can get some rest.  Working all night and working all day make this homestead redhead utterly exhausted!

Hubby and I did get to take a mini motorcycle trip to a nearby town.  We saw plenty of pretty farms and even ran across 78 acres for sale in a good location.  We are going to call to get more info.

After checking out the downtown stores, we stopped at a lovely soda shop/pharmacy style ice cream store.  They serve ice cream sundaes bigger than my head, I am not even exaggerating!  I am a bit of a chocolate fiend and couldn’t even finish mine.

IMG_2033  IMG_2036

We are taking a trip to visit my aunt (who I am named for) in a few days on the motorcycle which will be fun, I love exploring back roads on the bike with my hubby and it will be great to see my aunt.

My Daddy and Gabe worked on replacing several parts to our older Farmall tractor this week.  It starts up so much smoother and sounds great.  They are going to a tractor show a few counties over at the end of this coming week, those boys sure love their tractors!

I hope all is well on your homestead this weekend.

Until next time…


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