And Our New Addition to the Homestead is…


The day has finally arrived!  Drum roll please…


The newest addition to the homestead is Ms. Daisy Mae, a 4 week old micro-mini pot bellied pig.  She will be our new homestead house pig!


She currently lives with her mama pig and litter mates in Michigan and in the next few weeks will be making an airplane trip all by herself to the local airport where we will welcome her to her new home.

Daisy Mae will live in the house with us and the pups.  I will be spending a lot of time working with her to get her comfortable with people and learn some fun tricks.  My ultimate goal is to get her certified as a therapy pig (like a therapy dog, only way more fun) so she can share her piggy cuddles with those in need of some sunshine.


It should be quite a journey as we get her adjusted to living with our family on the homestead, we hope you join us and little Ms. Daisy Mae for our new adventure!

Unti next time…


18 thoughts on “And Our New Addition to the Homestead is…

  1. My cousin had a pot belly pig….but she treated him like a prince…he got to be really big because she overfed him. She would get Ham’s nails painted and put a big bow around his neck…she wore a matching one in her hair and off they would go to visit the nursing home in town. There they would go, her in all her over the top outfits, big hair, lots of makeup walking her pig down the street. Yea, the whole town was entertained.. As an adult he was one horrible looking critter but she never saw him as anything except a cute 4 pound darling. He lived an upper class life in a very fancy neighborhood, had his own fancy house too.

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