Fourth Times a Charm Right?


As you all know, I have been bursting at the seams with excitement for our new arrival of a piglet.  Unfortunately there has been a change of plans.  Let me rewind for just a bit…

I initially discovered this smaller size of pig, the micro, about a year ago.  I fell in love.  I love barnyard animals, I always have.  The idea that you could train one to stay inside with you was right up my alley.  My sweet husband searched high and low to get me one for Christmas.  Unfortunately at the time, the only ones we could find that weren’t the price of a small city, were a few months old.

Assuming we could bond with the piglet anyway, we were novice pig owners at that point, we adopted a 3 month old male (Houidini).  As the story goes, he was not a happy camper with the transition from a barn pig, free to root and roll in the mud, to our neat and tidy (most days) house.  We had missed the window for him to bond with us and be an indoor pig.  After a few weeks, he wasn’t happy and we weren’t happy.  We moved his rooting and ridiculous amounts of water drinking self outside and everyone was much happier.  Attempt number one.

My next attempt at owning one of these adorable and smart as a whip mini pigs, was Lady-Bug.  I initially wanted to breed her, once she was old enough, and train one of her piglets, but we all know how that turned out.  If you missed that sad disaster, check it out HERE.  Attempt number two.

As I made the big announcement several weeks ago, I found a breeder up north and payed a substantial amount of money, for one of their several week old piglets (I normally don’t agree with purchasing animals from breeders, I am very pro rescue, as both of my dogs are rescues.  However with pigs, you need to adopt them young to bond with them-which is especially important as I am hoping to use this piglet as a therapy pig).

I was anxiously awaiting her arrival and making the necessary arrangements to bring her into our family.  However, as the weeks progressed, the breeder became evasive on some questions and began to exhibit some unprofessional behavior.  After one big mix up on their end, hubby and I did not feel right about continuing with the purchase of the piglet.  We didn’t want to support a business that treated their customers negatively.  After I respectfully explained this, I was harassed with emails and calls from the breeder (and their friends) about what a mistake I had made not purchasing the piglet.  Attempt number three.

Needless to say, I am frustrated and fed up.  I definitely did not anticipate such a challenge when I first began this adoption adventure.  However, hubby and I are trudging on.  I feel like these disappointments have happened for a reason and I am meant to continue on this journey.  I will have a piglet destined to bring sunshine to people who need it, at some point soon!

I do have a request in with another breeder and am anxiously awaiting their reply.

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “Fourth Times a Charm Right?

  1. Can’t wait to meet that perfect little piggy….as long as it doesn’t have teeth like the one in the picture…..if it does…I’m not coming to the pig party 😉

  2. Have you looked on Craigslist for a micro mini pig? I have seen some on the farm/garden section. Someone is advertising a litter in Sanford. Don’t know if this is what you are looking for but just thought I would pass it along

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