Too Much Rain Makes the Garden Insane


The amount of rain we have received the last few months is mind boggling.  This has been the wettest summer I can remember.  We are drenched in rain for hours and then after the flood (literally, check the news on how bad NC has flooded this year) the hot sun will peak out for a bit and then more rain.  Needless to say, we are all but drowned here on the homestead.

My container garden suffered quite a bit this year, with all the rain and a ridiculous overnight infestation of Japanese Beetles (who are now my sworn enemy) I lost the corn, garlic, strawberries (mine were still producing) and then some.  Those evil beetles also ate every bit of my plum tree.

All the rain and little sun has made my tomato plants 8 feet tall and they are just now having some green tomatoes pop out.  The pumpkin plant continues its life purpose of consuming the raised bed in its attempt to escape.  We do have some lovely pumpkins growing now though.



IMG_2118  IMG_2117

My cucumber plant is holding well and producing quite a few cucumbers.  I’ve enjoyed fresh cucumbers and vinegar and will making cucumber and zucchini pickles later today.

Take a look at the west raised bed.

See, insanity!

I am mostly scrapping this year as a loss crop wise, with this weather it is impossible to keep up with the drowned garden and nothing I can do about the lack of sun.  Such is the life of a homesteader.  This year has been a good lesson in why greenhouses were invented!

The chickens are doing their best to not lose themselves in the copious amounts of mud around here.  It has been a hard year to keep them healthy in such wet conditions.

We do have a rooster who has not made his debut on here officially yet.  He was one of our straight run chicks.  His name is George Washington.  In the past we have been unable to keep roosters due to their aggressive nature and their incessant crowing.  We try our best to not completely bother the neighbors with all our farm animals!

George Washington however, has a lovely, almost dove sounding crow, as he is still young and developing his voice.  I am hoping it stays this way and he doesn’t make the turn towards aggression, like our other roosters have in the past.


The piggy quest continues.  I have been in touch with a breeder out of Texas and finally received some confirmation for payment and information.  The piglet I am interested in still has two weeks left with mom, but should be arriving to us shortly after that.  I am keeping my fingers crossed this one works out as expected.  Take a look at how cute he is…

I am working on setting up a webcam with live feed on the blog, so you can meet him in all his cuteness.

I have an article that will be published in the August edition of Carolina Country, so if you live here in NC make sure to take a peak.

I can’t thank everyone enough for their continued support and listening to my wild homestead adventures, you are greatly appreciated!

Until next time…


10 thoughts on “Too Much Rain Makes the Garden Insane

  1. Sorry to hear about the wet garden. This is the weirdest year for gardening I can remember. We’ve had more rain up here in MN than we need and our winter ran late so I’m thinking this year might be a “wash” for the garden as well. I hope George Washington keeps his sweetness – ’tis so nice to have a roo around the yard! And that piggy – oh gosh, I hope you can get that webcam set up. That’s a cute piggy. Our piggies are..well, no longer cute. 🙂

    • I am sorry to hear about your garden, it has been such an odd weather year. Thank you so much for your comment, I love hearing from folks! I will def work on that webcam, thanks for reading 🙂

  2. We have the same kind of plastic netting around our raised beds. We found a dead rabbit who while trying to eat his way through it got caught up in it and croaked. Because of all the rain this year I’m afraid to start digging up our potatoes. They might be all mush.

  3. Understand the wet. We to have had rain. Hope ful for your new pig. But did you say He. i thought you were going to get girl pig.

    • Thank you! We were, but the other breeder we had spoken with began to exhibit some unprofessional behavior, so we chose to go with someone else. And this one is just too cute to resist!

  4. Look forward to your post! Something I have learned with our squash, in wet weather pick the bloom off the end of the squash plant as soon as the squash gets a couple of inches long. It seams to help with mildew and rot.

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