Well Good Morning World


Working night shift is a wonderful thing. Working night shift when the rest of the world operates on day shift, is not so wonderful.  Most of the first two days off for me are spent trying to flip flop back to the land of the living.  Last night was one of those nights that it took me a particularly long time to get to sleep.  Somewhere around 3 am I finally drifted off.

Normally mornings on the homestead are a bit noisy, but in a peaceful way.  I can usually continue to snooze through the morning songs of the chickens, George Washington (our rooster) and Houidini.  Cut to 6:30 am this morning, not to peaceful.

I was startled awake by multiple, ear piercing chicken screams.  As my eyes slammed open, I stumbled from my bed barefoot and hit the ground running, I threw open the back door and sure enough there is an evil red fox chasing the chickens through the chunnel.  As I am standing there, barefoot and in a t-shirt at 6:30 am on my back deck, I started clapping my hands, waving my arms and hollering, (aren’t you glad you are not my neighbor?) the fox ran off.  Although chickens may look simple minded, they are most definitely able to put thoughts together.

When I made my way down to the girls, they were absolutely panic stricken.  They were screaming, jumpy, panting and absolutely freaked out to their chicken core.  I did my best to soothe them-yes chickens need comfort too.  After a few minutes, the flock settled down and I scattered some scratch to keep their minds busy.

Life on the homestead, wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Well Good Morning World

  1. We only have 3 little hens to our flock, but I am dreading this very type of thing happening one day. We do have foxes in our area and I am sure when the winter draws near and food gets scarce they may come looking for our hens. Love your blog, great tips and ideas for the beginning homesteader like me/us 🙂

  2. People look at me like I left my sence at work when I retired. They think my talking to the Girls and seeing there personalitys is crazy. . I hear them talking to me. And I sometime I think understand them. I hear there fear and Happniess. I can hear a change it them. Too. So You go girl . And Keep the fox out of the hen house.

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