Another Bump in the Road to Owning a Mini Pig


It have been 48 hours since it rained here on the homestead and I can’t believe it!  It has been great to get a break from the persistent rain, I almost forgot how to water the garden.

We are still getting a few squash from our plants and the cucumbers are producing consistently.  We finally have green tomatoes on our multiple tomato plants, it has been such a late start due to all the rain.

My bloom box is almost ready to show off some color.

IMG_2169 IMG_2171


My fig tree actually has some little green figs making their way into the world, which is great since it is the tree’s first year.


The chickens are all doing well.  George Washington has certainly found his voice this week and crows ALL day long.  I am hoping once the pride in his new found crow dwindles, he will quiet down. If not, we might have to re-home him to avoid bothering the mess out of our neighbors.

I bet you can’t guess the latest on the arrival of our new mini-pig. Yep, another obstacle.  Apparently the breeder’s vet was in the hospital and couldn’t neuter our little boy.  The breeder said his arrival will be delayed by another week, which means it will now be the last week in July.  I think I will believe I am actually getting a mini pig when he is physically in our house.  With the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if he somehow escapes out of his crate at the airport before I pick him up!

We also are welcoming another arrival next week to the homestead, I have been working out the details over the last few weeks and am excited to tell you all about it.  There is even a contest and giveaway involved, tune in tomorrow for details!

Until next time…




2 thoughts on “Another Bump in the Road to Owning a Mini Pig

  1. I so can’t wait to meet your new baby. If I concentrate really, really hard, I can almost remember when I was a mere piglet. You’re going to have a great time with the pig owning you – snorts 🙂 No really, I mean that in a good way. We are the bestest. Just ask my mommy. XOXO – Bacon

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