Hoping for a Peaceful Piggy Meeting


All is well on the homestead.  The rain has stayed away for days, which has helped dry things up in the pig pen.  We spread mulch in the pig pen to help with the mud issue and it has worked well.

Houidini and the girls are enjoying the new mulch to root and peck around in.  These are his last few days as being an only pig.  I hope he adjusts well to the new little guy’s arrival.

Everyone has done such a great job sending in ideas for the Name The Pig Giveaway.  I have had super creative submissions.  The giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight, so don’t forget to submit your idea.

We will be leaving Wednesday morning to drive to Charlotte and pick up the new pig.  The foster mama said he is around 10 pounds so he isn’t very big.  Houidini is not neutered yet, it is on our to-do list, so I am hoping his testosterone doesn’t get the best of him when he meets the new pig.  Pigs have a pecking order and upon initial meeting will fight pretty hard to establish their dominance.  Here’s to hoping for a peaceful piggy meeting!

Our micro pig is set to arrive in 2 weeks, although we don’t have an official date yet.  The breeders aren’t the easiest to get a hold of, but the last time we spoke she said he was about 3 pounds.  I ca’t wait to meet the tiny guy in person!

With all of the rain this season, the flies and mosquitoes have been out of control.  Take a look-warning it’s gross-at one of the fly traps I have out.


The crops are doing well.  We have quite a few green tomatoes on our plants, none of which have ripened yet, but my mouth is already watering thinking of all the delicious home grown tomato recipes.

IMG_2206   IMG_2205

My pumpkin plant looks terrible.  I am not sure what happened to it, but it continues to grow two nice sized pumpkins, despite how sick the plant looks.

Chicken behavior is fascinating.  Even though the pig pen flock has been together for months, they continue to maintain the closest relationships with the hens that they came with.  George Washington’s favorite hen is a nice sized black hen and he has favored her since he was a chick.  Here he is with the girls he was raised with.

And alas, the Silkie remains her lonely, solitary self.

I am off to water the garden before I head to work for the night.  I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Hoping for a Peaceful Piggy Meeting

  1. Silkies are great pets and very social around other silkies usually. Of course all chickens have their quarks! Ours will sit on any egg and hatch it. We love our silkie ladies! They have hatched out many different chicks and make great moms, even the roosters are sweet and can usually be left with new chicks and they help raise them! If you end up wanting more we usually have some to sell at some point during the year.

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