Doyle the Rescue Pig Comes to the Homestead


Today was the day we set out on a road trip to pick up Doyle the Rescue Pig.  We have known for several months that Houidini needed a companion and we luckily stumbled upon Doyle.  After a super fun naming contest, if you missed it take a look back HERE, we were all set for his arrival.

After getting the homestead set for the day, hubby and I pointed the truck towards Gastonia, which is several hours away.  We filled the miles with talking, laughing and catching up.

We pulled into the barn the directions led us to, but were unsure if we were at the right place.  I replaced my flip flops with muck boots and set off to see if there was a pig in the barn.  Sure enough as I passed the first stall I heard the low, happy grunts of an oinker.

As I peeked inside I saw a tiny little nose and elfish ears.  He immediately came up on his hind legs to greet me.  I had brought a few bribes, some raisins and a granola bar, so we quickly became friends.  I was surprised at how small he was, we definitely weren’t expecting him to be so little.


The woman who had been fostering him came shortly after we arrived.  She said that there is quite a problem with stray pigs in Gaston county.  Apparently many people purchase piglets and they escape or are set free because they are no longer wanted.  Our little guy’s beginnings are unknown, but I sure am glad he’s here now.

We coaxed him into the crate and he rode inside the cab with us.  I was so surprised at how calm and friendly he was.  He seemed to be totally at ease and accepted that wherever we were headed must be an ok place.  It probably helped I was feeding him nacho cheese bugles most of the way home!

The ride back seemed to last an eternity.  Both Gabe and I were anxious to be home and off the road.  The homestead was a welcome sight after a few hours of driving.

We set the crate inside the pig pen and let the boys meet through the crate first.  I anticipated a little bit of scrapping since this is natural for pigs, but good old Houidini was calm and curious.  Here is a peak at their first interactions…

Houidini Meet Doyle

I can’t get over how huge Houidini looks next to Doyle.  As the evening faded into night, the boys rooted around the dirt in an unspoken understanding.  All in all, I don’t think things could have gone any better.

We are super excited to provide a happy and safe home for a little piglet who had a rough start to life.  Thank you to everyone who participated in the Name the Pig Contest and to all who helped us welcome Doyle home!

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “Doyle the Rescue Pig Comes to the Homestead

  1. Awww…so cute. Welcome little Doyle!

    And on a side note- I was wondering what happened to Ladybug, so I looked through your previous posts & just read what had happened. So sorry you lost that little lovely one…but I am glad you have another little one around.
    XO -Rose

  2. Oh, my goodness, I had no idea pigs wagged their tails like dogs. They looked so happy to meet each other. Sound like you had the best possible outcome you could have.

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